May 6 by Eric Dreshfield

Some people think tech conferences are all full of technology. Here at Apttus, we do things a little differently at our Accelerate conference. Customers and partners had the opportunity to have some fun, in the midst of all the learning and networking, as well as help out a couple good causes.

1. Lego Wall

As a child I loved to build things with Legos. I built race cars, houses, and monsters. From the looks of the Lego Wall, it appears our customers and partners preferred to create the names of their companies.

2. San Francisco Giants’ World Series Trophies

Joining the fun at Accelerate were the Giants. The San Francisco Giants World Series Trophies, that is. They were very well behaved and sat perfectly still for many photo shoots with adoring fans from near and far.

3. Spray Paint & Graffiti

When applied properly spray paint can make something old look new again. At Accelerate, things are a little more cutting edge. Spray paint, when applied correctly, became graffiti, and as most people who spend anytime in the San Francisco Bay area will agree, graffiti is an art form. Apttus partners and customer showed off their artistic side at the Graffiti Wall.

4. Selfie Mirror

The Selfie – defined as a self-shot photo, usually taken with a mobile phone, and posted online to social media sites. Admit it, you’ve take a selfie or two, and who doesn’t love the multi-person selfie. Have you ever wondered why those are not called groupies? Yeah, me too. Maybe at next year’s Accelerate we can try to break the world record for the largest number of people in a selfie!

5. Puppies

Did you need a break from all the tech goodness at Accelerate? I hope you found your way to the Puppy Park! You had the opportunity to not only play with puppies to help them learn socialization skills, but also contribute directly to the life-saving organizations of Rocket Dog Rescue and Pets In Need.

Apttus Accelerate – if you missed it, you missed way more than just the latest and greatest technology announcements. You missed out on some really cool diversions too!


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