September 2 by Kerry Skemp

Salesforce is a powerful tool, capable of managing much of the information that companies need to know about their customers and prospects. There are also a variety of ways to extend the power of the platform to help run your digital business. For example, with certain applications, you can provide quality quotes to a customer by accessing deal, discount, product, and price information that powered by multiple systems in addition to Salesforce. Quote-to-Cash solutions can connect users with pricing and configuration tools directly in
Salesforce, enabling faster and more accurate quotes that streamline sales.

connected devices

Establishing a few simple additional connections can really amplify the value of your Salesforce implementation. Because Salesforce is built in the cloud, it’s relatively easy to connect it with other applications that power today’s digital economy. The following are key benefits of Salesforce integrations that exemplify how you can get more out of any Salesforce investment by connecting it with other apps:

1. Speed

speed and connectionJoin the now economy and do business in real time, anywhere

The shift to cloud and mobile has changed customer expectations dramatically. The vast majority (66 percent) of customers who complain about service on social media expect a response the same day, and 43 percent demand a response within an hour. To meet these accelerated expectations, companies need to move faster than ever before.

Connecting multiple data sources in Salesforce in real time helps empower professionals to take fast action, meeting customer needs in the moment and potentially beating out the competition. Automated solutions make this work with all of the details needed for a compelling quote, while other Salesforce integrations might make it possible to let multiple people collaborate on a project or get approval for an order in real time. Whatever the use case, connectivity provides the speed needed to succeed in the digital economy.

2. Accuracy & Alignment

salesforce benefitsA single system of record, consistent across apps and channels

While connectivity can enable great speed, it can also improve accuracy. The more elements that are involved in a process, the more important information accuracy becomes. If invoice details are stored in an ERP, for example, employees who rely on Salesforce mobile apps (or, perhaps increasingly often, Apple Watch apps) need to be able to access ERP information in Salesforce in order to work effectively and close omni-channel sales.

This is possible with an integrated solution that frees professionals from checking multiple applications on different devices and instead provides a single accurate picture of what’s going on, from any device. Having rapid access to reliable data enables successful business processes to be executed through any channel.

Connectivity is also key to enabling the effective use of big data. Data analysis can only be as good as its sources. Without accurate access to all of the information that influences a business, big data analysis will be limited and possibly even misleading. When multiple applications are connected effectively, the data extracted from them can inform better insights. With high-performing sales teams 3.5 times more likely to use analytics to inform their work, and all sales organizations expecting to grow analytics use by 58 percent, companies should invest in building a solid foundation for these expanding analytics efforts.

3. Amplify Value

salesforce connected devicesGet the most out of existing application investments

Successfully connecting applications goes both ways – it’s not only about ingesting data from another source, but also pushing back updated information when necessary. This expands the reach of a Salesforce implementation to help make other applications much more useful, no matter whether they reside in the cloud or elsewhere. Whether it’s a database, support tool, social media app, inventory management system, or anything else, connecting it to Salesforce expands the value of both Salesforce itself and the other app. The data stored in Salesforce ultimately becomes richer and more useful, and the other applications provide new functionality available in the moment. When multiple apps are connected in harmony, they all provide better return than any single one can when used in isolation.

For a modern digital business, being connected isn’t an option – it’s a requirement. Connecting with Salesforce helps businesses operate in real time, improve accuracy and alignment, and amplify the value of every app in the business. Successful integration across applications is essential for successful quote-to-cash and contract lifecycle management – but there are many other connecting options that can be useful as well. So if getting connected isn’t already on your roadmap, it should be. To learn more, make sure to add Jitterbit’s session on Salesforce Integration: The Digital Connectivity Roadmap in your Dreamforce agenda:


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