October 4 by Patrick Wolf

Cloud Expo at Dreamforce

Day one is on the books over here at Dreamforce 2016. And with experience comes perspective – and some hard earned tips. I personally explored the expo floor (home to some of the best swag at dreamforce) to sort through the madness and bring to you the top 10 giveaways currently available on the Dreamforce 2016 floor. With one day down and well over 10,000 steps logged, avoid all the needless scans and cut to the giveaways that really demand your attention.

1. Starting us off on a high note, both Cognizant and Financial Force are giving away Drones this year at Dreamforce 2016. This year is the year of the Drone at Dreamforce, and with so many chances to win – you have a good chance to go home with a new potential aircraft hazard.

2. Do you like to go fast? Have you ever had a chance to drive a real Formula 1 car? Well this year might be your shot as Radius is giving away for their booth prize a chance to drive an actual Formula 1 race car. You don’t have to go far to find Radius, you will see them on your right directly when you enter the expo hall.

Prize at Dreamforce
Intacct Dreamforce prize

3. It was all excitement at the Kenandy booth for their spinning wheel. With crowds all day of at least 10 people, the spinning wheel provided possible prizes of pens, t-shirts, and $1,000 bucks. All it takes is a scan and a quick spin, and you are on you way to taking home some great Dreamforce swag.

4. Want to go to space camp, or win $600 towards whatever you like? The Intacct booth on the expo floor this year is giving away a gift card for $600 dollars to be used toward the camp of your dreams (space camp) – or toward any other purchase. Space camp sounds like much more fun though.

5. Everybody loves a good stuffed animal prize. At this year’s Mulesoft booth, there is a very easy and quick digital slot machine that give you a chance to win a plethora of prizes, least among them a awesome stuffed mule. In addition, you have a chance to win a awesome hoodie (for those cold San Francisco nights) and an apple watch.

6. Maybe not the most expensive prize on the list, the give away from Domo is by far the neatest (in my humble opinion). Lined up at on their booth kiosk they have dozens – if not hundreds – of miniature dancing robots. These trinkets my be small, but they have a couple of groovy moves under their sleeves.

Domo Giveaway at dreamforce 2016
Dreamforce Giveaway

7. Virtual reality is the new plasma television for 2016 (everywhere), and this list would not be complete without a VR giveaway making the top 10. And Skuid delivered. Follow the squid mascot to their booth and enter to win your own piece of the future – a VR headset.

8. Apple watches are no longer novel. They are tried and tested pieces of technology that people have grown to love – and can no longer do without. See what the hype is all about by dropping by Cornerstore’s both for a chance to win an apple watch.

9. Alexa is out in force this year on the Cloud Expo (probably the most common prize). Both Amazon Web Services and Gapgemini are giving away Amazon Echos at their booths – by stopping by both, you double your chances for the voice controlled Bluetooth speaker.

10. Hard to miss, Conversica is giving away a windows tablet. But that is not why they made this year’s list. It is the attire, and the effort of their booth staff, that has won me over. Visit the both in the left corner of the hall to see a half dozen people dressed up as gold miners (I think) and a well decorated booth full of decorations that bring you back to ’49.

Dreamforce prizes

Honorable Mention: Over course we have our own incredible giveaway this year at Dreamforce 2016. This year Apttus is giving away $25,000 toward a trip around the world. Attend an Apttus session, view a demo, or schedule a meeting to enter for your chance to win. The winner will be selected at the Intelligent Quote-to-Cash session at the Yerba Buena Theater at 3 PM. If you are in attendance you will have a 1 in 750 chance to win. Click below to learn more.

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