August 4 by Kelly Bentubo

The following is part 1 of a two part blog series written by Charlotte Salesforce MVP, Kelly Bentubo. The series will discuss user engagement and adoption, as well as change management. – You’ve identified areas in Salesforce that need to be updated. Now you need employee feedback and management buy-in to confirm the changes work for all groups and to determine your timeline and next steps. But, how should you go about to increase user engagement and adoption? How do you cut through the clutter? How do you get the time and attention of colleagues that are inundated with calls, meetings and an ever-archiving email inbox? Make it FUN! Some people bribe their kids to do chores, eat vegetables, stop crying at Target, etc. You can do the same thing with adults, but I prefer to call them ‘incentives’ instead of bribes. And what does it get you? It gets you attention. It gets you happy, focused individuals that now view your meetings as fun and informative. It also keeps you top of mind and people make it a priority to open your emails and meeting invitations. So how do you do it?


musicMusic invokes memories and emotions. It’s entertaining and creates a relaxed and fun environment. I start all of my Salesforce training meetings with music. It’s a great filler while you’re setting up a conference room and people are trailing in. No more awkward silences and now you’ve set the tone for a great collaboration meeting. Best part? When you start to lower the music, everyone naturally gets quiet and waits for you to start. (Does anyone remember teachers turning down the lights in elementary school so everyone quiets down? Works on adults too!) No more yelling to get things going! I hosted a session for a new group of Analysts, many of whom were new to Charlotte and had not used Salesforce before. They came in to Maroon 5’s ‘This Summer’s Gonna Hurt’ and that immediately got their attention and some laughs (1. Because it’s a training session and everyone thinks all training sessions are painful and 2. Because Charlotte summers are no picnic with the heat and humidity). Before that, it was Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk.’ An impromptu dance train through the conference room door started (Seriously. I can’t make this stuff up!). The office had so much fun with it, we carried it through to our 2nd year Analyst send off with Graffiti inspired headshots for our departing group.


foodSo you’ve got their attention but you’ve got a terrible time slot. Either you’re set up at the end of the day or around lunch time. Not optimal either way, right? Bring in something fun to snack on. This doesn’t have to be some major project either. Even some small candies or treats goes a long way. Think of what you would do if you were hosting someone at your home for an hour. Would you offer them food or drink? Why are meetings any different? And we’ve all had those days where you’re running from meeting to meeting with no time to grab a decent meal. I bake for ~80% of my meetings and bring in food (management has always approved) for the occasions when I don’t have the time or the session will go longer than 2 hours. Word spreads fast around the office when people hear you’ve got cupcakes for the Salesforce meeting. Believe me!


My last presentation was a parody of The Office and in between topics, I used Office Memes to demonstrate my ideas while making people laugh. I also created my presentation using free online templates that went with The Office theme. Visually these were a break from our standard decks that we use when presenting to our clients and had a deeper impact on the group as a whole when we went through the presentation.

Get Mobile

notesNo, I don’t mean the phone (although SF1 is pretty great!). I mean literally give your attendees a reason to move around during the session. I accomplish this by a round robin game where users pick from a bowl of challenges. The user reads off the challenge and then sits at a laptop I’ve set up to project on the screen/plasma in the room. Users score points, get prizes/bragging rights etc. There’s typically a lot of laughter and friendly competition in these types of sessions. Voting can be a fast, interactive approach as well. I print out a two sided sheet of paper – 1 side is a large, red ‘X’, the other is a large, green ‘check mark’. When I present an idea and want to get a quick consensus, users hold up their sign to either the ‘X’ for ‘No’ or the ‘check mark’ for ‘Yes.’ This way everyone’s opinion is included, you eliminate the long talkers and those that interupt one another and disrupt your session.


Startup Stock PhotoNo one likes surprise changes. So you’ve hosted your brainstorming session and you’ve got a great list of projects and the timeline to implement. The only problem is that key management players were not in your session. I have found that the best process for change management follows a simple 5 Step process (more to come on this in Part 2 of the blog series on: 5 Steps for Change Management) –   Posted by Kelly Bentubo on August 4, 2015. Visit her Charlotte User Group or her Geeking Out blog.

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