April 10 by Eric Dreshfield

Enterprises confront increasingly challenging business conditions and market disruption, compelling many to explore new ways to survive and thrive, from instituting process improvements and adopting new technologies to pursuing comprehensive business transformation. Companies are discovering that an innovative Quote-to­‐Cash process delivers substantial competitive advantages: better buying experiences, higher revenues and profitable growth.
Why? The Quote-­to-­Cash process consolidates essential activities that come into play when facilitating transactions and closing sales from the moment a prospect demonstrates an intent to make a purchase to the realization of revenue. It spans efforts to improve the navigation of catalogs; streamline quoting, contracting and ordering practices; and integrate subscription, billing and renewals functions. These objectives apply equally to supporting direct sales channels, partner channels, and E-­Commerce initiatives.
Simply put, the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quote­‐to­‐Cash process ultimately determines the capacity of enterprises to achieve critical corporate goals. Quote-to-Cash provides the link between top-­line growth, profitability and customer experience. When companies can leverage the collective intelligence of their organizations, business outcomes can be demonstrably improved. As an example, companies can make offerings more appealing, remove friction from buying processes and mitigate price erosion, and boost growth and profitability.

Enterprises wanting to consistently achieve optimal business outcomes need to transform how they do business, and Quote-­to-­Cash is a critical piece of how to deliver powerful business advantages.

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