December 30 by Dandrew Cruda

2015 is coming to a close.

Whether you loved the past 12 months, hated it, or are somewhere in between, 2015 was an eventful year with many highlights throughout, especially in the world of sales across various industries.

With 2015 nearly over, we look back and relive some notable sales stories and highlights from this year.

Linkedin Incorporates Social Selling Into Sales Navigator

linkedin social selling integration
Social selling has increasingly become more of a focus for sales reps and Linkedin provided the perfect way to benchmark your social selling activities with their Social Selling Index integration with their Sales Navigator solution. With its announcement in October, the SSI integration shows sales teams how they stack up in terms of their influence by a single score. Check out your score today.

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US Auto Sales Drive Through the Roof

auto car sales rise
Nearly 17.4 million cars were sold – almost 15 years ago. In 2015, automobile sales are on pace to reach over 18 million. More and more cars are driving off dealership lots and 2015 is set to be a break through year, with the month of December contributing a large chunk of sales. Bought a new car as of late? Seems like you’re not the only one.

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Amazon Puts a Halt to Their Fire Phone

amazon fire phone

After a year of trying to get their Fire Phone to compete with the likes of the iPhone and Galaxy, Amazon announced in September that they sold their last Fire Phone units in August and will no longer be continuing the product (as of now), with no signs of a sequel. Almost a signs point to the Fire Phone being a one-and-done deal.

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Diet Soda Sees a Decline in Sales

diet soda sales decline

Seems like diet soda isn’t as popular to anyone anymore. Sales have seen a decline in sales this year, with the most recent statistic of a 8% drop in October, compared to the year before. Bottled water and energy drinks on the other hand are going the opposite direction and have improved. Will we see diet soda disappear from the stores in the near future?

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday Online Sales Soar

thanksgiving sales increase

To add more validation that consumers are purchasing items online like never before, the online sales for Thanksgiving and Black Friday set a new record at 4.47 billion dollars, an 18% increase from last year. Another interesting stat is that close to 23.2% of those sales were from a mobile device, compared to 27% last year. With the hundreds of promotions floating around this year, a promotions management solution definitely helped businesses keep up.

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Cyber Monday Sets a New Record in 2015

holiday shopping
Following up the success of the sale numbers from Thanksgiving and Black Friday were the impressive stats that Cyber Monday brought to the table. Cyber Monday online sales cashed in 3.07 billion dollars, a 16% increase from the year before. Were you one of the millions of people who caught themselves a sweet deal?

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Apple Dominates Stocking Stuffers

apple products
With the holiday season almost over as well, Apple products to no surprise are the most popular items for shoppers this year. Apple devices accounted for 49.1% of phone activations this season (by Flurry Analytics), by far the largest one out of its competitors. In addition, all data indicates that more consumers are favoring larger screened devices – who would’ve thought?

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2016 will be another interesting year with plenty of headlines and head scratchers. Until then, we can only speculate to what the new year will bring us in the world of sales.


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