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In honor of National Salesperson Day, we take a look at the important skills and traits that make up the perfect B2B sales rep. These characteristics are what separate a high performer from a mediocre performer in the sales team.

Top 6 B2B Sales Skills for Sales Reps

1. Utilize Analytics To Their Advantage

In the past few years, the ability to harness large sets of data and use them for predictive analytics has been a strong talking point. Yet many teams, not just in sales, still do not use predictive analytics or understand how it can provide a strong impact in their sales process.

A high performing B2B sales rep knows how data analysis can help them make more informed decisions and pick out improvements in various opportunities. High performers not only collect customer data, they also analyze and act upon it so they can cater their decisions to the specific needs of the customer.


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2. Use Mobile Apps for Productivity

Our world is full of smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. With the abundance of ways a sales rep can access or deliver information, it is important they know how to best use their mobile capabilities to their advantage. Mobile apps can help increase sales productivity and keep the sales process moving while reps are on the go. Adding powerful tools such as a CPQ mobile app in your sales strategy can help you close deals on the plane while you’re traveling in the air.

Strong sales performers understand how to use these mobile apps to take them to the next level. Your work doesn’t end when you close your laptop or leave the office – success should be able to happen anywhere.

3. Understand How to Use Their Resources and Collaborate With Other Teams

The perfect B2B sales person doesn’t see their quota or the number they need to hit for the year as a sales-oriented goal. They see it as a company wide initiative. Great sales people know how to utilize the resources at their disposal and involve other teams within their organization in the sales process to help close deals.

b2b sales reps use their resources

As a sales rep, you should be interested in aligning yourself with your customer success team because they understand use cases, pain points, and best practices for a variety of situations than any other team in your company. Marketing and sales alignment is also key, as many strategies involve both departments – ranging from account-based marketing, to lead scoring.

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4. Take Advantage of Their Technology Stack

Strong sales reps are comfortable with their tech stack and view technology solutions as a way for them to do things faster and smarter. Eliminating manual work from your day-to-day activities not only makes you more efficient, but enables you to be more competitive. Shaving hours of dialing, emailing, data input, and the list can go on and on, allows you to have a leg up against your competitors.

As a B2B sales person, it is imperative to understand your technology stack and know how each solution can help your overall sales process. Sales automation is key to being able to hit your number.

5. Can Listen and is a Critical Thinker

It’s a well known fact that one of the most common sales mistakes reps make is talking too much, and not listening to the needs from the prospect. This is a one-way ticket to failure and it influences your prospect to believe that the only intention you have is to land the sales, and not necessarily fix their problem.

High performing B2B sales reps listen first, then ask engaging questions after. They also follow up to demonstrate that they fully understand a prospect’s needs.

b2b sales reps listen
b2b sales reps are personal

6. Can Be Personal and Relates to Prospect

People like to buy from individuals they like. Whether you think that its true or not, being able to personally connect with a prospect is absolutely essential. Maintaining relationships and the ability to create personal connections can be the deciding factor between you closing the deal or the prospect looking elsewhere.

Sales winners understand this and know how to foster their relationships. They can relate to prospects on a different level, aside from sales jargon, numbers, and negotiation tactics. Being a successful B2B sales rep requires the ability to be personal and real.

top sales trends 2016

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