December 29 by Patrick Wolf

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is the process of effectively producing content, knowledge, and tools that can be used throughout the sales cycle. It is carried out between sales, marketing, and other areas around a company to help sales people sell more efficiently and drive revenue. Although there are many different aspects of sales enablement, the three most important are:

– Effective training
– Effective content for the sales teams
– Closed-loop analysis

These aspects equip the sales teams with the tools necessary to have successful conversations throughout the selling process.

Why is it Important?

future of sales enablementSales enablement allows sales teams to reach their quotas in a more efficient and predictable way. Improved content delivery allows the sales teams to spend more time actually selling and the content provided to buyers is of a better quality. Updated and continual training allows for a more predictable sales force. Then companies are less reliant on the top earners as top earners are mass-produced. Lastly, an implementation of analytics makes the process an ever-improving system. According to SeriousDecisions Inc., useful
and effective contentincreases by 300 percent after companies
optimize content performance through sales enablement.

Check out these 4 strategies that can help jump start your sales enablement initiatives.

Who is Involved?

Like many initiatives to increase efficiency, sales enablement needs to be a company wide endeavor. Everybody needs to be on board. Saying this, there are a few areas that have more of a hand in it than others. The major two are the sales and marketing teams. Improved communication between the two is important in all aspects of sales enablement. The marketing teams produce the content and the sales teams use it.

When Can it Break Down?

whose in sales enablementIt is easy for the implementation of a sales enablement strategy to fall apart. The focus needs to be on increased communication. The sales teams need to know where to find the necessary content and the marketing teams need to know what content has to be created. Without a strong awareness of what is available to them, the sales teams will overlook available content and tools. In conjunction with this, the marketing teams will not produce the necessary content to facilitate sales conversations if they do not understand what is needed.

Where is it Headed?

Companies need to adapt to the technological evolution. According to research by Adobe in “Closing the Deal: The State of Sales Enablement”, 86% percent of sales managers believe that digital tools will help improve job performance. With today’s increasingly mobile sales environment, companies need to adopt mobile tools, such as app-based solutions. These digital tools will give sales teams quicker information to adapt to the changing environment.

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