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Across today’s corporate environment, fluctuating market conditions, ever-changing regulations, and sudden shifts in corporate strategies are occurring almost daily, with each one potentially exposing organizations to significant risk. As such, it has become imperative for these organizations to confront, assess and navigate through this turbulence as quickly as they encounter it. Speed, however, isn’t the only critical factor determining the success of these reactions – a quality check is an imperative part of the process.

Imagine flipping through the pages of an encyclopedia, but if you don’t take the time to read the words on the page and digest their meaning, it negates the purpose of opening it in the first place.
Many organizations have tried to leverage their Contract Lifecycle Management – or CLM – tool, to gain that level of visibility into their contracts, but these tools rarely contain (all of) the legacy contracts that are critical to achieving comprehensive and accurate results when reacting to adverse market events.

contract lifecycle managementThink about it – if the contracts you’ve migrated into your contract lifecycle management platform are filled with inaccuracies or are incomplete, what use will they be when the time comes to review them?

Contract lifecycle management solutions are excellent for what they were designed to do – leverage the latest legal verbiage and drive contracts through a standardized process to enforce internal approval policies. However, what if there was a secret weapon that can boost the reliability and usefulness of the contracts within a CLM solution…?


  • a searchable portfolio encompassing all contracts within an organization
  • extracting more than 50 key terms and conditions from every contract
  • easily integrating these terms with other systems including CLM
  • and the ability to dynamically find new contract terms and conditions buried within unstructured contractual data to address or resolve any new requirements

The end result: comprehensive insight into the unstructured
content within ALL of your contracts.
Seal COntract Lifecycle Management
How’s that for a quality check?

Be sure to join Seal next week at Apttus Accelerate in San Francisco where we’re excited to discuss this juxtaposition of speed versus quality. Contracts are the backbone to any organization and there are many approaches for how to manage the discovery and review of those documents. We’ve gathered a panel of industry leading experts to share their experiences in addressing these challenges:

  • Thomas Kase – Vice President, Research, Spend Matters
  • Gino Ramos – Senior Analyst, Operations, Law & Corporate Affairs, Salesforce
  • Guillermo Pedroni – Senior CRM Applications Manager, Telogis, Inc.

During our discussion, our esteemed panelists will provide insights into the best practices they’re pursuing to overcome those challenges. We hope you can join us! In the meantime, we’d love to hear about your pain points when it comes to contract review. If you can’t attend but are still interested, be sure to learn more about the Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics platform.

Panel Session: Wednesday, April 8, 4 pm PT; Palace Hotel, Twin Peaks Room


Apttus recently conducted a survey to understand how Legal departments in Fortune 1000 companies are performing in regard to contract management and process efficiency. This report identifies the three critical obstacles – poorly optimized processes, wasted legal expertise, and a general lack of visibility into contract obligations – that are hindering legal and companywide goals.


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