June 22 by Amanda McDonell

Salesforce users, partners, and influencers gathered on the east end of Manhattan last week for the Salesforce World Tour. Under the myriad of criss-crossing steel bars, glass panes, and the city skyline that consist of the “Glass Castle” formally known as Javits Center, was a constant buzz and bustle fitting of the city host, NYC.

After an early morning of coffee, networking and Apttus swag bags, Vice Chairman and President of Salesforce, Keith Block, kicked off the tour with his keynote session. And in the Big Apple, attendees were graced with some big cameos. First came a surprise performance by The Roots, who currently serve as Jimmy Fallon’s house band on the Tonight Show. Next came Five-time World Series Champion, Derek Jeter, who discussed teamwork, shared goals and working towards success with his fellow Yankees. Finally, Mr. Block re-emerged and discussed the pressing trends in the Salesforce community, cloud computing, and beyond:

Defining a new cloud computing model:

1) New technology model – The world turns on innovationSF new york 2 v2

The salesforce customer success platform allows you to take a step into the future with your customers and focus on innovation, not infrastructure. “We live in a world of disrupt, or be disrupted.” For the first time, you can truly adapt your business to your unique needs. In the past, companies were weighed down by incredible complexity, which stifled responsiveness and agility. This new technology model allows customers to react in real-time, provide new levels of personalization, and engage with customers more successfully. Customers expect a secure, performant, and reliable relationship with technology. It’s our job as a SaaS or platform provider to meet those needs.

2) New business model – Sharing SuccessSF new york 1

Your success should be completely aligned to your customer success. Don’t celebrate closed deals, but successful implementations, high user adoption, and unique case studies. Aligned both your subscription pricing model and even sales commission, to how successful you are able to help customers adapt and deploy your technology.

3) New philanthropic model – Think beyond profit margins

In the same way innovation brings us to consider ways to improve what we’re doing and re-examine the value of our work, it should also encourage us to re-examine our role and value within the community – both as a brand and as individuals. Salesforce has led by example for many Silicon Valley companies with its 1/1/1 strategy, encouraging other companies to leverage their resources, technology and people to improve the communities they work in. Philanthropy means more than good PR, corporate social initiatives lead to happier, prouder, and more loyal employees.

We live in a connected world, where everything and everyone is more and more intertwined and interrelated, with technology being the twine that ties it all together. We are so conditioned to this connected experience that we demand this from the companies we choose to do business with: a personalized journey and a 1:1 experience.

As Stephanie Buscemi (Salesforce COO of Analytics Cloud) explained, “The greatest companies in the world are customer centric companies that pivot to the customer by creating 1:1 relationships.” And she’s absolutely right. Those that embrace the customer success platform, see 30% revenue growth. Companies that embrace the customer success platform, see 45% is customer satisfaction. If you provide best of class service and innovation, over 70% of all sales comes from world class service.

In order to be successful and adjust to the ever-changing technology landscape, companies must focus on investing time and effort into the success of their customers. It is vital to adapt a cloud computing model that puts customer service at the forefront – failing to do so may be the deciding factor between significant revenue growth or a major, disappointing decline.


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