November 24 by Amanda McDonell

Salesforce users from the Burroughs, the Tri-State area, the east coast and beyond all flocked to the Salesforce World Tour New York at the Javits Center, a steel-framed event mecca situated on the bank of the Hudson. There they mixed and mingled, networked and learned about a variety of products, solutions, and companies all dedicated to the success on the Salesforce Platform.

In one corner of the Expo Hall, Jeff Grosse (@CRMFYI) led a Partner Community Demo Jam and in the opposite corner, Cheryl Feldman (@CherFeldman) and fellow Salesforce MVPs led campfire-side discussions on the benefits of Salesforce Trailhead. During the breakouts, world famous predictive analytic guru and political blogger Nate Silver predicted the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Race – let’s see if he was right again! Finally, David Letterman’s Late Night pianist, Paul Shaffer, kick-started the fun with an exclusive musical performance with his recently renamed band The Salesforce World Tour Orchestra.

Amidst all of the ebullience, energy, and excitement was some valuable information. Salesforce’s President and Vice Chairman Keith Block, alongside Peter Coffee led the New York World Tour’s keynote, discussed 3 ways connectivity can help companies drive customer success.

3 Ways Connectivity Can Drive Customer Success

1. Connect with Technology

Connected devices, Internet of Things, wearables, multi-channels, omni-channels, Apple Watches, smart cars, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud – there are more and more available tools and technology connecting us than ever before. Mr. Block predicted that by 2020, there will be more than 6 billion smartphones. Like a sinewy spider web, better yet like the intricate steel skeleton of Javits, we are all linked in an intricate network of available interactions and information. “Step into the future,” he advised, and use the cloud and
available technology to work with unprecedented speed, agility, and accuracy.

2. Connect with your Customers

With all of these connected devices, come connected people. Use the available channels to create 1:1 customer journeys, with highly personalized campaigns and offers. Currently 77% of all customers are not engaged with companies, creating what Mr. Block and Salesforce refer to as the “Customer Gap.” Harness the available interactions and information to better understand who your customers are and what makes them successful. Their success is ultimately your success – “Make your customers the center of your universe.”

3. Connect with your Data

In addition to the customer gap, there is a tremendous gap between data and action. “90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 12 months,” reported Mr. Block, “yet less than 1% of that data has actually been analyzed.” However, companies that are fully connected with that data, according to Mr. Block, are a reported “52% more successful” than those that aren’t. “Lead or be left behind,” he warned.

With a mass amount of technology resources, tools and applications all around us, companies must capitalize on
the advanced, digital trend that businesses are adapting. Connecting with not only customers, but with people and processes involved in your business has never been more important. The path to customer success needs to start one with one concept: connectivity.

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