May 28 by Lilian Oke

The Salesforce World Tour London is the largest software conference in the UK. Salesforce users and leaders in all industries, from across the continent and even the globe gathered at the ExCel Centre for valuable mindshare and networking.

In his keynote, Keith Block, the Salesforce Vice Chairman and President, highlighted how a breadth of successful companies, including Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Barclays, John Lewis and many more, are driving success by harnessing new innovative solutions and the knowledge of their customers.

Here is a look at 3 critical takeaways from Salesforce World Tour London and Mr. Block’s keynote:

1) Convergence Provides Opportunity

Salesforce World Tour LondonCompanies today can choose to either engage or be disengaged with their customers. In the past we have focused on mainframe which reached only thousands at a given time. Today we live in an incredible word with a convergence of cloud technology, mobile technology, social technology and now data science technology which has resulted in billions of connected things and trillions of customer interactions. It has provided new opportunities in customer engagement, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

2) Technology Gap

Salesforce World Tour LondonWe all in some form, use cloud, mobile or social technology each and every day in our personal lives. Facebook and Twitter we have 2.3 billion social users, and if trends continue, statistics state that there will be 5 billion smartphones by 2017. Yet in the corporate realm, many companies are not utilising this technology, creating silos of data and gaps in their capabilities. When companies cannot respond or interact in the ways in which to advanced customers understand best, through mobile, cloud and social technology, they run the risk of distancing themselves from their most valuable asset, their customers. Currently, 77% of customers are not engaged with companies. Their relationship with a brand is transactional, devoid of personal, one-to-one experiences. Companies need to provide a more personal touch when it comes to engaging with customers.

3) Make People a Priority

Salesforce World Tour LondonIn all the talk about innovation, it’s easy to get caught up in the technology side of your business. However, no matter what solution you use, you need people, you need your customers. We are members and consumers of companies and there are a lot of different companies globally all with different top priorities. Some organizations say profits, employees or partners are their number one priority but the most successful companies in the world have made customers their main focus and the centre of everything they do.

This year is the year of customer engagement, the year of the happy customer. You’re only successful if your customers succeed. Make adoption and engagement a priority, and all other measures of success will follow.


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