April 14 by Cordelia Solomon

Customers are the heartbeat of every company. This was the driving message behind Keith Block’s keynote at the Salesforce World Tour in Boston last week. To show Salesforce’s appreciation for their customers, Mr. Block opened his keynote by delivering arguably the greatest thank you gift a Bostonian could ever imagine: The Golden Boy himself, Tom Brady!

Once everyone was able to breathe again, Mr. Block went on to pose the question, if the customer is so centric to the success of a company, why are companies failing to engage 77% of customers they are doing business with? The answer is simple; there is a divide between customers and companies, and the technological devices they are each using. So what’s the solution? The Salesforce Customer Success Platform–a tool that fills this gap by creating fully connected mobile and social tools driven by the cloud. Mr. Block highlighted three components that have proven to enhance Salesforce’s customer engagement:
Tom Brady discussing Customer Enagegement

1. One-on-One Experiences

The rise of the connected customer has resulted in trillions of customer interactions. But are these interactions meaningful? Salesforce Ignite is a key process developed to design a unique method of engaging your employees and customers. The key is to create an authentic one-on-one experience with every customer. In doing so, a company is able to predict issues before they happen, connect customers with the proper products, and even identify triggers, ultimately changing how they do business.
Customer Engagement

2. Greater Emphasis on Actionable Analytics

Coca-Cola CEO, Muhtar Kent said “the most dangerous place to make a decision is in the office.” Decisions should be made where the customer is, which means businesses needs be able to get work done on mobile. The Analytics Cloud offers a vigorous user interface, with various dashboards and datasets that encourages data driven conversations between companies and their customers. Having the ability to analyze data in a quick and meaningful way allow companies to keep their customers at the center of everything, ultimately allowing them to deliver top tier services on a consistent basis.
Customer Engagement

3. Lightning-Fast Response Time

In order to keep up with demand, companies need to be able to build apps faster. The Salesforce1 Lighting tool facilitates this by providing developers and business users the necessary components, framework, and visual tools to build faster, within a better UI, and with new apps. Users can reuse previously built components and apply them to new apps, which allow them to develop newer apps faster, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.
Keith Block discusses Customer Engagement

In closing, Mr. Block noted that a company will see 23% more revenue per customer when engaged properly. Thus, by redefining how we engage with customers, we’re able to see results that were otherwise intangible. With 2015 being the Year of the Customer, you should be asking yourself, what are we doing to improve the experience for our customers?


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