April 29 by Kristan Fiandach

Last week Apttus headed to Dallas, Texas, for Salesforce Essentials, salesforce.com’s multi-city mini conference offering insights and step-by-step demonstrations of the company’s cutting edge product offerings backed by live customers success stories and followed by networking of Salesforce reps, customers, prospects, and partners.

Needless to say, it was a tremendous opportunity to learn more about Salesforce, and where Apttus, which runs on the Salesforce1 Platform, fit into its future growth plans.

Frank Perkins, the regional vice president of financial services, delivered the day’s keynote introducing Salesforce’s latest and greatest accomplishments. His first announcement on tap, was Salesforce has been voted the most innovative company in the world by Forbes magazine for the third year in a row. The remainder of his keynote consisted of multiple customer success stories – all with one common theme – they had all bought into Salesforce because they needed a business solution that offered organizational interconnectedness with easy adoption and fast results. In addition, Salesforce provides the ability to screenshot productiveness while managing employees in departments across the organization, and not just its sales department.

Salesforce, not just for sales people

While sales remains a strong focal point for the platform, Salesforce’s ambition is to be the platform all business departments operate on, and the appexchange is the marketplace that will make this all happen.

And this is where it became apparent how Apttus fits into Salesforce plans. As a Quote-to-Cash provider, Apttus connects what was once individually siloed processes from configure price quoting (CPQ), contract management, to revenue management, all within the Salesforce1 Platform. While CPQ is helpful for sales people – legal and accounting departments can now work within the platform streamlining contract and revenue management to create a more holistic and efficient work-space throughout the organization.

In addition, Apttus, along with Kenandy and ServiceMax, is spearheading this new era of appexchange business by forming Force United, a consortium of enterprise technology companies built natively on the Salesforce1 platform. The consortium’s mission is to accelerate customer success, simplify adoption, and solve large, complex business challenges by leveraging the Salesforce1 platform. On July 16th, Force United will host its first event, the “CIO Innovators Summit” in Menlo Park, CA. I, as are many others, am very excited to see what will develop out of the summit and other upcoming Salesforce initiatives.

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