October 31 by Kamal Ahluwalia

Salesforce Statistics (As Of August 2013):

  • 17 North America instances, 4 EMEA instances and 2 APAC instances
  • 20 sandbox instances
  • 1,300,000,000+ daily transactions
  • 24,000 database transactions per second at peak (equivalent to a page view on other sites)
  • 15,000+ hardware systems
  • > 22 PB of raw SAN storage capacity
  • > 5K SAN ports

While the geek in me was excited to read this, I couldn’t help researching on Google numbers for Amazon. Per Business Insider – Amazon averaged 306 transactions per second at their peak in 2012. That’s 26.5M transactions per day.  Without getting into the nuances of comparing a transaction in Salesforce vs a transaction at Amazon, it seems like Salesforce is investing in the right areas.

You can read the complete article published recently by Claude Johnson, a Lead Site Reliability Engineer at salesforce.com.

Salesforce has always been very transparent with their system status, uptime, security and privacy measures – https://trust.salesforce.com

Providing details of the underlying architecture really helps build confidence – especially for corporate IT teams going through their due diligence before they come on board.

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