February 26 by Alex Cohen

Salesforce has long been held in high regard by not only its users and surrounding ecosystem, but also by the world at large. Simultaneously a pioneer and established powerhouse, it’s no surprise to find Salesforce placed upon the Fortune ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’ listing.
Salesforce Connect to your Customers
The list, which is determined by a very thorough and empirical examination of numerous categories, rated Salesforce either first or second overall in the following areas: Innovation, People Management, Social Responsibility, Quality of Products or Service, and Long-term Investment Value. It is impossible to argue against Salesforce’s commitment to excellence in these areas.

What is the lesson here? It is not as simple as ‘Do well and your company will be admired.’ Personally, I think this designation is proof of effective goal-mapping: the little wins that translate into true achievement, culminating in external validation such as this Fortune listing. But let’s dig a little deeper. Anyone can goal map, not every company achieves this level of success.

Becoming the Best
Marc Benioff Salesforce CEO
It is no accident that Salesforce’s social responsibility is second to none: it is a mandate from the highest level, treated with the same priority as more traditionally business-oriented goals. Quality control is painstaking; any tech business can testify to the resources and time required to create ideal user experiences – Salesforce’s sterling reputation in this regard is one of their most monumental achievements, and has been from their early days.

Salesforce, although not lauded for it in this award, also has the world’s securest cloud platform. Since its introduction in 1999, cloud-based CRM platform has only had one breach. So certain in their ability to protect customer’s data, they have made all of their security information public record at trust.salesforce.com with the banner “Success is Built with Trust and Trust Starts with Transparency” emblazoned at the top of the page.

Achieving these feats isn’t a result of resource allocation
or company size; throwing time or money at any of these
Salesforce Future 2success pillars isn’t guaranteed to turn them around. Try this
theory on: it’s about company DNA. From the very beginning, succeeding in these areas was a top priority for Salesforce. Apttus can relate: ‘Tier 1 Everything’ was written by our founders on the very first papers they ultimately based the company on. There’s no backdoor into having a company dedicated to unconditional quality, even at the occasional cost of success. It’s not easy; it’s to be admired. Fortune has it right in selecting Salesforce for its Admiration list. In the years ahead, we look forward to seeing who follows
their example.


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