August 27 by Zack Alspaugh

When it comes to closing deals, is your sales process an asset or a liability?

Recently, Apttus and Adobe partnered on a survey to understand how sales leaders in Fortune 1000 companies are performing in regard to sales effectiveness and process efficiency. The results reveal that many organizations are unaware their processes are lengthening sales cycles and bleeding top-line revenue.

While 50% of survey respondents admit to ineffective sales processes, large percentages are confident in their sales enablement methodology. And although on the surface it appears that all of the pieces are in place, a deeper dive exposed a number of glaring process blind spots that are not being addressed.

In sales, ignorance is not bliss, it’s a huge disadvantage. Check out our infographic below for a quick look at the top five sales blind spots. To learn more, download the full report: 5 Sales Blind Spots That Are Costing You Millions



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