October 6 by Patrick Wolf

Quote to Cash at Dreamforce 2016

Machine leaning has been the major theme this year at Dreamforce 2016. From the majority of Marc Benioff’s Dreamforce keynote, through the multitude of smaller keynotes and breakout sessions, Machine Learning is top of mind for every forward thinking and competitive company.

It is no longer enough for companies to focus on process automation – these capabilities have become table stakes. As it pertains to the Quote-to-Cash process, this is especially true. Full Quote-to-Cash (the optimization of the opportunity from configuration and quoting, through contract management, and into revenue recognition) requires the focus to shift away from the process, towards the outcomes that these processes are intended to create. In this year’s Dreamforce 2016 Quote-to-Cash keynote session, Apttus demonstrated how some of the most complex companies are driving optimal outcomes with an intelligent, Machine Learning driven Quote-to-Cash solution. But first…

Making Quote-to-Cash Conversational

Have you met Max?

Max, an in intelligent agent created out of bot framework, is making the Quote-to-Cash process conversational, and easy then ever to master. By having a conversation with Max through any messaging application (Skype or Slack for example), sales reps can intuitively create a quote or manage a contract without having to be sitting at a desk or navigating through a browser. By connecting personal technology, such as messaging apps and augmented reality, with professional technology, Max allows sales reps to break away from legacy business constraints such as a physical desk or an unfriendly web browser. Announced in today’s Quote-to-Cash keynote, Max – and conversational business processes – will revolutionize how business gets done.

Max the intelligent agent at Dreamforce

Driving Simplified Outcomes in the Worlds Most Complex Companies

KUKA at Dreamforce Speaking about Quote-to-Cash

Configuring Robots with KUKA

KUKA makes some of the most complex robotics and factory automation software in the world – and has been since 1898. If you have ever gone to the Tesla factory, you will see their robots all over the factory floor building Elon’s electric cars. As KUKA has scaled over the last decade, they have struggled to fulfill the global demand from their customers. As their customers have transformed with the digital age, the complexity embedded in robotics configuration has made it difficult for KUKA to fulfill their customers’ Omni-Channel needs. In addition, KUKA is currently delivering their first set of cloud-based software solutions to the market place. The ability of Apttus to integrate these incredibly complex robotics configurations directly into the B2B E-Commerce solution, has allowed KUKA to develop a true “single source of truth” for the customer – and allowed KUKA to shift away from their technological focus towards a customer focus.

Intelligent Outcomes with AppNexus

AppNexus is the largest independent Ad technology company. With this comes massive complexity – 30-40 billion impressions per day. In addition, AppNexus is rapidly growing and is seeing massive problems as they try to scale their business processes. They needed a Quote-to-Cash solution to solve many of these complexity issues – allowing them to bridge the gap between their CRM system and their ERP. With Apttus, they have seen drastic outcomes – chief among them a reduction in contract cycle time by 60%. In addition, machine learning is enabling AppNexus to leverage the loads of data collected throughout their Quote-to-Cash process to revolutionize their incentive compensations packages. Why collect the data if you do not put it to use.

Greg McLaughlin of AppNexus

Taking the Complexity out of GoPro

Last to speak in the keynote was GoPro. With the release of their new Hero 5 around the corner, GoPro was concerned about the complexities that their company faced, and the inability to adequately serve the needs of their customers. With Apttus, GoPro’s number one goal was to make an extremely complex company much simpler – specifically by making complex workflows easier to use by the end users. An automated Quote-to-Cash solution removed the less strategic work from the hands of the sales team (and others around the company), enabling GoPro’s employees to focus more time on the strategic issues and on their customers – leading to more effective interactions.

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