January 9 by Eric Dreshfield


Successful selling isn’t easy. It isn’t simple. It takes work to build relationships and trust before anyone signs the dotted line on a purchase agreement. Especially in B2B sales. And, technology keeps moving faster at what seems like an ever-increasing pace, disrupting conventional ways of doing business.

For sales leaders stay on top of the leaderboard they need to know about the key technology trends that will impact their success. They need to know about the advances in Quote-to-Cash, Artificial Intelligence, self-service, subscriptions and renewals and more, to understand how to best utilize these new tools, raise the performance of their organizations and reap the greatest rewards.

Apttus is thrilled to feature Mark Lewis, Research Director, Gartner, who will share Gartner’s perspective and predictions on the future of Quote-to-Cash in the second presentation of our Predict and Prepare series.

In this session, being held on January 23, 2019, at 9am PST/12pm EST, Mark explains how the quote-to-cash process is evolving, identifying four key trends impacting how successful companies will do business in 2019 and beyond.

Join us as Mark discusses the proven business benefits that quote-to-cash automation yields. For instance, learn how quote-to-cash can enable your organization to sell subscription services more effectively; and how the array of artificial intelligence technologies, like machine learning, are dramatically changing the sales process

Mark predicts how AI and digital commerce together will revolutionize selling over the next few years. This includes transactions of greater value and complexity being successfully negotiated entirely by bots, removing human inefficiencies and biases.

Register today to learn more about the future of Quote-to-Cash for Sales Leaders.

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