Partner Quoting and Partner Commerce – What’s the Difference?


Gene Eun

Platform Product Marketing

On occasion, a question will come up regarding differences between Apttus’ Partner Quoting and Partner Commerce solutions. While there are some similarities in the capabilities offered in each solution – both provide partners with the ability to configure, price, and quote complex products and services – they are meant to support very different use cases. To help clarify when you would use one solution or the other, we’ll quickly lay out the basic differences here.

For businesses with partners selling complex products and services on their behalf, Apttus Partner Quoting can be game-changing. Partners can easily access catalogs, pricing and promotions, shopping cart functionality and advanced configuration capabilities, including proposing the right products to the right customers. They can sell highly configurable products, sophisticated services and bundles, in addition to upselling and cross-selling all available options. Partner Quoting functionality can also be embedded into partners’ own branded web stores and e-commerce sites, incorporating branded proposal templates and elements of their own catalogs, such as specific service plans. Partner Quoting delivers the same underlying technology of Apttus CPQ to partner sellers, providing them with everything they need to close larger deals faster. This is a common requirement for partner channels including multi-tier distributors, OEMs, dealers, resellers, intermediaries, and service providers.

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While Partner Quoting is ideal for businesses that want to provide their partners with a robust CPQ solution, what if a business wants to help its partners streamline their end-to-end Quote-to-Cash processes? Apttus Partner Commerce empowers partners with a comprehensive Middle Office solution including CPQ, Contract Management, Order Management, Billing, and Rebate Management. Unlike Partner Quoting which is primarily used by partner sellers, Partner Commerce involves a wider range of partner user roles including members of the Finance, Legal, Operations, Marketing, and Customer Support departments. Apttus Partner Commerce empowers your partners to sell your products and services more efficiently and effectively with intuitive, quick-to-learn administration of partner programs that sustain and strengthen channel relationships, creating a solid foundation for revenue growth.

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Learn more by downloading the datasheets for Apttus Partner Quoting and Apttus Partner Commerce. For more detailed information, speak with an Apttus Account Executive today.

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