December 12 by Caitlin Conrad

Managing the Opportunity-to-Cash process within one platform has been a dream since the earliest days of enterprise software. Typically companies struggled with siloed processes, manual steps, and bottlenecks. It was rare to find a solution that would allow you to go from initiating a prospect to realizing revenue.

Old_computerAnd if you did find one, going end-to-end inside one system wasn’t so much a dream as it was a nightmare. If you’ve spent any amount of time in IT you probably have your own story about an Opportunity-to-Cash project that suffered from years of delays, and cost-overruns of millions of dollars.

Fortunately, thanks to cloud business platforms like Salesforce, the dream of an end-to-end Opportunity-to-Cash solution is reborn. No longer is streamlining the entire process a fool’s errand. Solutions exist that can be delivered rapidly, and with significantly less risk and upfront investment than before.

Salesforce Platform Makes Opportunity-to-Cash Transformation a Reality

IT Department3Salesforce has changed the nature of end-to-end solutions by leveraging the power of the cloud. In the past, a robust Opportunity-to-Cash solution required one of two things:

    1. Relying on one massive vendor to solve the whole problem—the challenges of this approach being that the chosen vendor’s expertise only covered a small piece of your entire solution
    2. An IT team, a ton of custom code, and several years of development to integrate several point solutions together

Because both of these approaches present so many problems, Opportunity-to-Cash was a constant frustration for most. A new generation of business technology and cloud capabilities has allowed IT leaders to re-envision the way they approach end-to-end solutions.

Apps built on SalesforceThanks to Salesforce—and the partners built on Salesforce—it’s easy to rely entirely on one platform, knowing it can support the most robust business processes, and that you have the freedom to integrate with best-of-breed native solutions without depending on custom code. This changes the game, because you can within the same place with the same UI, while still getting the benefits of partnering within a powerful ecosystem with solutions dedicated to streamlining your Opportunity-to-Cash.

To learn more how the Salesforce1 platform can transform your IT department into a customer-centric, profit center and how it can boost the overall revenue in your organization, download Revenue Growth & IT Agility on the Salesforce1 Platform.

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