February 2 by Zack Alspaugh

Apttus has been maturing on the Salesforce1 platform longer than any other company in the Salesforce ecosystem, with the one exception being Salesforce themselves!

Apttus CEO Kirk Krappe on Salesforce LiveRecognizing the innate power embodied in Salesforce to manage the entire Quote-to-Cash process, Apttus built the first, only and leading Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Contract Management solutions on what would become the leading cloud platform. We’ve believed in and grown with the platform for years; today all major Analyst firms agree, Salesforce1 is the #1 cloud platform.

By building 100% on the Salesforce1 platform, Apttus applications enjoy benefits non-Salesforce applications cannot begin to ponder. Consider the three things I like about Salesforce1:

1. Speed: Because Salesforce focuses on the capability, reliability, availability and scalability of the platform, Apttus is able to focus 100% of our R&D and efforts on optimizing our solutions as they are delivered on the Salesforce1 platform. Apttus products are delivered by Salesforce from Salesforce data centers to customers around the world. Having a single data store also helps increase the speed of accessing data, generating reports or generally mining the data because there are no roundtrip transactions needed with the data.

2. Programmability: Salesforce1 introduced 10x more APIs
for Salesforce than before the announcement. Today, with
Salesforce Applicationsa complete library of mobile, social and metadata APIs, 50% of nearly one million transactions a minute Salesforce processes come via API!

With a rock-solid CRM like Salesforce, great applications like Apttus and a couple thousand more apps on the AppExchange (with 2 million app installations!), does it matter if the platform is programmable? You bet, systems of engagement, like Apttus, expose and empower your entire IT infrastructure, making it available for mobile and social engagement with customers, prospects and partners.

3. Investment Optimization: Regardless if due to globalization, mergers & acquisition or multiple supply and distribution channels, enterprise IT systems are growing increasingly complex. Businesses use systems like SAP, Oracle and others for a range of functions as their systems of record. Processes performed by these systems are often characterized as “internally-facing,” process-centric operations.

Marc_Benioff_in_2009To optimize investments in these systems, companies today are seeking “externally-facing,” customer-centric systems of engagement with user experiences that improve and accelerate commercial throughput. These companies want to be easier to do business with and seek out solutions that can enable a better user experience for customers and prospects. Apttus Quote-to-Cash solutions are enabling many of these companies to conduct business faster and smarter using the Salesforce1 platform at the center of a wide range of externally-facing, customer-centric functions and internally-facing process-centric functions.


While I am infatuated with the unified data model 100% Salesforce1 applications share, my love is for the speed of development and deployment, the programmability and extensibility of the platform and investment optimization for legacy IT systems. Oh, I also love that Salesforce is an Apttus customer and today we announced they’ve invested in Apttus a second time. Read about it here: Apttus Raises $41M in Series B Funding Round.

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