October 14 by Zack Alspaugh

To kick-start Dreamforce 2014, Marc Benioff and Tony Prophet announced a new partnership between Salesforce and Microsoft. On opening day at Dreamforce 2014, Apttus showed the synergies that already taking place between the two platforms with Apttus X-Author. With X-Author, business users can work in Excel while remaining in Salesforce.

“We have this stunning Salesforce platform which we love,” said Jules Ehrlich, VP of Advanced Solutions at Apttus. ” It’s got just about everything we could want, but having to use it with a browser UI is not always that efficient. The current platform is great, but you still need to work on one record at a time.”

tt3_5671So what do you do? “We switch to what works best for the task and in just about all use cases that’s Excel,” stated Ehrlich. “We love our Excel – blazing fast, familiar and a lot of freedom. But it’s also stand alone and with that comes a lot of issues.”

Many organizations have entire business processes that run on Excel and email. When these ad hoc arrangements hit the wall in terms of scalability and control, the natural reaction is to kill off Excel, but that’s not necessarily the right approach.

“Imagine not just some simple connector but a complete surrogate UI with dependent picklists and record types that is completely safe for end users,” explained Ehrlich. “And in some cases, actually make the UI do things you can only dream of in the browser.”

“Would we have a different view of Excel? Of course we would. Well stop imagining and start believing because this is what X-Author for Excel does.”

X-Author-GraphicWith X-Author, Ehrlich explained, users get full Excel functionality while templates, rules, data and everything else lives on the Salesforce platform. X-Author is one of the many solutions on view this week at Dreamforce 14 that help drive collaboration, productivity, sales effectiveness and critically – Salesforce user adoption. To learn more about X-Author, visit x-author.com.

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