September 18 by Michael Dunne

In response to challenges with globalization, market volatility and intensifying competition, enterprises are striving to become more dynamic, innovative and agile in the way they serve their customers.

Success increasingly depends on achieving market differentiation and the ability to manage considerable levels of variation in products without sacrificing economies of scale. At the same time, process flexibility is needed to support different channels (i.e., partners and e-commerce) and departmental functions.

Hence, companies rely more and more on an effective Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution to manage business complexity and provide decisive advantages.CPQ-Graphic

CPQ picks up where CRM leaves off by making all of the complex product, pricing and business rules that aren’t captured in your CRM tool (and that live in excel spreadsheets or product binders) centralized, automatic and available in real-time. Configure Price Quoting software applications help enterprises manage complexity by consolidating and rationalizing all the knowledge and rules needed to tailor offerings to unique customer requirements. In addition, these technologies eliminate manual steps in processes through automation and workflow while increasing visibility into buying patterns and selling practices.

With CPQ software, your reps and partners are more efficient, more effective, and have the tools they need to move the deal along, get the quote approved, and get to a signed contract. From an enterprise-wide standpoint, it provides a smoother path from opportunity to contract, and helps eliminate the friction between sales and legal. With instant and accurate quotes streamlined into your contract management process, it no longer becomes a battle of sales’ desire to close and legal’s need to carefully examine the deal’s terms. Instead you need to have a quote flow seamlessly into a contract, so you can close deals and get them on the books as fast as possible.

Here are some real world ROIs of implementing automated Configure Price Quoting Software:


If you are interested or in the market for a CPQ solution, download the CPQ Buyer’s Guide, which offers sample templates, slides, demo questions, and other valuable items to help you make the right CPQ decision for your company.

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