June 5 by Elena Lee

Machine Learning…

That was something you’d only expect to see in a science fiction movie until now – it has become a thing of reality.

What is Machine Learning?

What is machine learning? Columnist David Linthicum defined it as, “A form of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to learn from data. These systems build models from incoming transactional data, then find patterns in that data to make predictions.” Machine learning is the science of enabling computers to be proactive without programming of any sort that deliberately directs their decisions. In the past years, machine learning has opened the doors for self-driving cars, speech recognition, powerful search capabilities on the web, and more. All in all, machine learning is all about using big data to give prescriptive recommendations.

For example, Facebook’s News Feed changes according to the user’s personal interactions with other users. If a user frequently tags a friend in photos, writes on his wall or “likes” his links, the News Feed will show more of that friend’s activity in the User’s News Feed due to presumed closeness.

Netflix Recommendation Engine

Another popular example of machine learning can be experienced by our favorite online streaming service – Netflix. Ever wonder how Netflix knows which shows or movies to recommend to you? Answer: classic machine learning at its finest. It is analyzing all of the viewing data that it consumes from everything you watch and prescribes it suggestions based on those numbers with the help of some algorithms.

How the Cloud has Embraced Machine Learning

Before the cloud, to really analyze all the relevant data, impossible amounts of processing power and storage was needed. So businesses wanting to use the machine learning systems for predictive analytics had to shell out major bucks for hardware and software. That’s not the case any longer- the cloud is changing all that.

In our current era of Big Data, the cloud eliminates the need for physical hardware and software. With the option to place these intricate systems in the cloud, intelligent analytics are within close reach for many businesses. Anyone can apply this technology far and wide on all their collected data as long as they have access to the cloud for machine learning as a service.

The Future of Machine Learning is Now

Just recently, Airbnb announced that they are releasing a new feature for their Airbnb customers called Aerosolve. This new feature enables people who are looking for a home or room to stay in, figure out the best price possible. Airbnb states that they have an enormous amount of data under the hood pertaining to attributes of a room rental, and Aerosolve is a machine learning feature that will evolve over time and adjust to the data that Airbnb receives.

Driverless Cars are examples of machine learning

The world is only scratching the surface of machine learning. Imagine self-driving cars or flying cars- that’s the future of machine learning. Businesses will make better and faster decisions and recognize value from their data assets. It will completely change the way businesses function and those that don’t adopt business intelligent analytics will surely get left behind.


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