April 9 by Zack Alspaugh

Speed isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. With an increase in mobile capabilities, business is now immediate. Having the ability to remain adaptive and responsive in many cases is a deciding factor in closing a deal. Of course, external speed starts with internal efficiency, specifically with your routine business processes.

Sprint CPQA common bottleneck in any sales cycle is the quoting or proposal of your products and services. Between determining your pricing and configuration, (both often done through catalogue memorization), maneuvering through the approval process, and actually piecing together the physical document time is valuable time lost. Automating your quotes will not only make you faster, but opens new doors in upsell, cross-sell, and bundling opportunities.

So you’re thinking to yourself, “Great automated CPQ will make my life as a sales rep easier. But what about the hassle of implementation and adoption, that is always the ugly underbelly of updating your tools?”

Not anymore, with our new lightweight solution Sprint CPQ, implementation is virtually instant, allowing you to hit the ground running and be live within hours, not months or even days. And because the Sprint CPQ solution is entirely built on The Apttus Intelligent Cloud, you can create one click quotes using the already familiar Salesforce platform.

In fact, we are so confident in the straightforwardness and ease of both the implementation and learning how to use the tool, we performed a live implementation at day 1 of Accelerate.

The Challenge


Onstage in front of 2,000 attendees, EverString, a predictive demand generation SaaS provider, challenged our engineer team to implement Sprint CPQ and train their reps on how to use it by the end of the day. A team of five Apttus members huddled in a hotel room, mapped out EverString’s entire catalog of products and services, built out the solution and pushed it live in just hours’ time.


For many CPQ providers, this is a process that takes weeks or even months. Using the data-loading utility of Apttus’ X-Author for Excel, EverString’s archived data was instantly incorporated into the fast, efficient, sales-enhancing prowess of Sprint CPQ. Their sales reps quickly learned how to use the tool, and Live, on-stage, and with no back-up options, even presented a live demo of the tool, building a configured quote.

In fact, J.J. Kardwell, President of EverString, was so impressed with the implementation speed, he said during his demo that the implementation took less time than it typically takes him to manually construct and edit a proposal for a customer.


Want to learn how to win the first-mover race? Discover Sprint CPQ, the sales tool designed to dramatically shorten the sales cycle and increase deal size. Try the self-guided demo and walk through all of the steps of creating a rapid, automated quote.

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