May 3 by Steve Feyer

Day 1 of Accelerate is done! Even though we’re only halfway through the Quote-to-Cash event of the year, we’ve already had an incredible amount of excitement. Here are just a few of the great sessions we saw today.

Get Your Fingers Dirty: Build Apps with Clicks Not Code.

There are only 10 million software developers in the world, but there are projects that need 50 million developers. It’s a problem that affects every business, not just software companies—and the solution is to create applications that don’t need code. In this session, John Graf, Salesforce MVP & Business Process Director at World Water Works, showed us how to build useful applications using clicks and not code, and we walked away with new tactics to get around the global shortage of developers.

The Eight Building Blocks of Quote-to-Cash Transformation.

Quote-to-Cash is about more than accelerating and increasing revenue, it’s also about improving your understanding of your customers to serve them better. The sales operations team at AppNexus told us about their transformative Quote-to-Cash project, and described how we could break down our own project into eight key steps, building on each other to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer.

How the Law Department Can Accelerate Sales, Delight Customers, and Save $20 Million.

The law department is no longer a “back-office” function, and contracts are no longer and afterthought—they’re essential for the success of leading companies. NetApp embraced this new reality, and used efficiencies in contract management and legal processes to create massive improvements in operations and increases in sales. We heard an amazing story, and realized that there’s nothing to stop us from doing the same thing in our own companies.

Digitizing Business Processes: Use End-to-End Technology to Do More With Less.

Day 1 of Accelerate wasn’t only about the Quote-to-Cash processes. We also learned how digitization can revolutionize other business processes, including procurement. Salesforce used Apttus Contract Management to make its procurement process much more efficient, and in this session shared valuable methods that we could take to our own business.

Why Admins Drink…And How to Break the Cycle.

At the end of a long day, it was time to relax and enjoy a cold adult beverage. That was the theme of this fun panel, which brought together Salesforce MVPs and Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVPs on one stage for the first time ever. Experts and administrators for any CRM face similar challenges—and described similar solutions in training, processes, and better technologies. We were entertained, informed, and witnessed history all in one session.

I can’t wait to see what Accelerate Day 2 has in store!


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