April 28 by Zack Alspaugh

Very recently, Salesforce AppExchange hit the incredible milestone of 3 MILLION INSTALLS! It’s really a remarkable feat and not just a confirmation that Salesforce has arrived as a global leader in business and SaaS innovation, but a confirmation that cloud technology is no longer a trend but an essential way of doing business.
Here at Apttus, we have several of our own listings, including our Contract Lifecycle Management, Advanced Workflows & Approvals, our innovative X-Author solution and of course our CPQ, which this year was recognized as one of the most popular apps in the sales category. It has been a tremendous boon in expanding our brand awareness and linking us to potential customers. But the advantage it provides companies is expanded five-fold in comparison to the advantage it brings individual business users.

From innovation to opportunity, from security to instantaneity, the AppExchange has entirely reshaped our productivity. It’s hard to imagine a workplace without it, and yet, for those seasoned enough to pre-date the AppExchange we’ll never forget the difference it’s made.

Join the Conversation! Think of ways your average work day would be much harder without the benefits of AppExchange and send out a tweet and use the hashtag #WithoutAppEx to tell us how AppExchange has made your life better.



People can’t live without the Salesforce AppExchange

To commemorate, not just the 3 million install milestone but the growing influence of the Salesforce1 Platform, here is a look at 5 ways the AppExchange has transformed the way we do business:

1. AppExchange has made us 3 million times more efficient. Think about how many different Salesforce apps you use on any given work day – probably more than you have both fingers and toes. There are thousands of apps addressing a wide variety of business problems, whether it’s sales enablement, IT & Admin functions, document management, commissions, contracts, or a full blown back office development. You will find a plethora of business solutions that you didn’t even know existed. Goodbye to the days of manual steps, data re-entry, limited collaboration, and even more limited visibility. You will not be missed.


2. Information is in your hands. Life without AppExchange, how do you even begin to solve a pain point? Maybe email some peers and hope they have some advice. Depend on sales reps to deliver the right answers. Google? Yellow Pages? An All-Points Bulletin…breaker, breaker S.O.S. AppExchange is the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, community and other powerful forces, a one-stop shop for problem solving, complete with verified reviews, product information and specs. It’s intuitive, transparent, and trustworthy. What more could you ask for?

3. Speed. Pre-SaaS, when we were dependent on the brontosaurus-sized legacy solutions like Oracle and SAP, implementation was a dirty word. It was a very complicated, costly, and time consuming process. With the Salesforce1 Platform and AppExchange, you can download and begin using some applications in less time it takes to toast a bagel. As Apttus Chief Revenue Officer, Kamal Ahluwalia explains, speed is imperative, and “hiding behind slow ERP-centric infrastructure is now a tired excuse because more and companies are finding born-in-the-cloud solutions to be a competitive advantage – easier to deploy, lower TCO, broader and faster user adoption, greater flexibility, and superior capabilities along with a dramatically faster roadmap.”

Speed Imperative

4. AppExchange Incubates Innovation. Searching through AppExchange listings is a sensational thing. As Diginomica’s Tom Brennan explains, “Apps, careers, companies, (and dreams) are literally built there.” It contains the same beehive of energy and excitement as the Dreamforce expo floor, yet year round. With all of these apps jostling for position and attention on the exchange, innovation and constant improvement becomes the deciding factor between getting downloaded and getting left behind. Guess who is the direct beneficiary of all of this competition? You.

5. Because it’s Salesforce, it’s designed to be the best. There is a reason why Salesforce has been named the Most Innovative Company by Forbes 4 years straight, and World’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune. They expect excellence, not just of themselves but those they partner with. All AppExchange listings are put through rigorous functionality and security tests and certifications to ensure you, the end-user isn’t compromised. Ever download a make-shift solution from Google? I have, and more often than not it ends with a blue screen or spyware.

Marc Benioff

So in closing thought, good riddance to life without AppExchange. Congratulations to Salesforce as they continue to grow and make our lives as business users better.

Join the Conversation! Use the hashtage #WithoutAppEx to tell us how AppExchange has made your life better.

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