June 16 by Patrick Wolf

Demo booths at Legaltech West Coast.

This year at Legaltech West Coast had countless memorable moments. There were great panels, thought provoking keynotes, and tons of free swag. At the end of each day, we all left with first rate information on new legal technology and trends to be taken back to the workplace. Here are some of the most memorable moments from this years event.

Highlights from the Expo Floor

Expo floor at LegalTech West Coast.
Apttus on the Expo Floor at LegalTech West Coast.




This is the real reason people actually go to conferences, Right? Well, this year did not disappoint. With everything from tote bags to earbuds, attendees left this year’s Legaltech West Coast with their pockets full.

Swag at legaltech west coast.
Swag at Legaltech west coast.

Did you spin the wheel?

Expo at Legaltech West Coast.

Lessons From Sessions

With over 50 speakers in attendance, there were plenty of incredible sessions to choose from. Here are a couple takeaways from LegalTech West Coast.

Session at Legaltech West Coast.

Cyber Security Insurance

Cybersecurity insurance doesn’t replace security best practices….Just because you practice good habits, eat healthy, wash your hands, doesn’t mean you’ll never get sick.

Whale Watching!

Whaling is an aggressive form of corporate phishing in which criminals targets the C-suite, partners, upper management, and other individuals of high worth or influence. A recent FBI study shows that whaling attacks have cost businesses $2 billion over the past two years and experienced a 300% increase over the previous year.

Data Protection as a Federal Priority

Popular messaging app Snap Chat’s 2014 breach of 4.6 million users’ personal information as incentive for the FTC to “take an active role in data protection.”

The Top Tweets

Legaltech west coast tweet.
tweet from legaltech west coast.
Tweet from Legaltech West Coast.
Tweet from Legaltech West Coast.

Until Next Year Folks…

Tweet from LegalTech West Coast.

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