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Aesynt, formerly McKesson Automation, has been a leader in pharmacy automation for more than 25 years. They are the first company to offer a robotic, barcode based solution for medication dispensing. Today they boast an integrated, flexible portfolio of solutions to help hospitals and health systems automate medication management.

Multiple Levels of Complexity

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 4.56.31 AMEvery sale is different and complex for Aesynt. The company’s solutions incorporate physical storage for medications, robotic automation, and software that has to be customized to track performance and run the system for each healthcare provider. This means each new system has to be scoped for the customer, manufactured, and then robotic delivery systems have to be assembled on-site.


Besides the complexity of navigating several systems, Aesynt has aScreen Shot 2015-07-24 at 4.56.46 AMn added layer of pressure; their world revolves around getting the right medication to the right patient efficiently as possible. There isn’t room for error or inaccurate information or process delays because the recipient is more than a customer – they are somebody’s loved one.


Join Salesforce and Apttus as we host Aesynt and General Electric for a live panel on modernizing business processes and enhancing customer connections from first touch through their journey to loyal customer. Our panelists will share how they utilize cloud technologies to simplify their complex manufacturing environments, save time, and increase sales.

Dynamic Machine

Homegrown Systems Led to Unpredictability and Inefficiencies

Aesynt had developed a homegrown sales tool to manage deals. As the business grew, it became difficult for their sales tool to manage complex product forecasts, which led to unpredictability. Problems Aesynt ran into with their homegrown tool included:

  • Lack of visibility across the business—inability to identify or take advantage of market opportunities
  • Not able to deliver the multiple quotes covering different materials and configurations, buying vs. leasing, and product maintenance requested by customers
  • Sales reps weren’t collaborating on deals, didn’t have product forecasts, and couldn’t share deal information with the manufacturing team
  • Sales representatives were also burdened with mobile support, constant deal modifications, manual steps, bottlenecks, and a lengthy approval process

The Sweet Sound of Change

Aesynt looked to Salesforce and Apttus to build a CRM and CPQ engine to solve their problems and set the company up for future success.

The goal of the project was to improve the selling and customer experience, reduce cost, and increase efficiencies. Collaboration, forecasting, flexibility, and quoting configurations needed to form the foundation of the new system. The project was delivered 30 days early, under budget, and has surpassed expectations. Reps now have 30% more selling time, deal sizes increased by 45%, and hospitals have more time to deliver quality patient care – all music to my ears… Mary Beth Gargani, Director Sales Effectiveness at Aesynt goes on to say:

  • “We customized over 1,000 objects in Salesforce and Apttus, came in 30 days early, and finished the project under budget.”
  • “Our sales team was spending too much time tracking down information and not enough time with customers. Now we’re able to get them back where they belong—in front of customers, doing what they do best: selling.”

I don’t want to steal Mary Beth’s thunder because she, alongside Rick Grubb of GE and Salesforce’s Peter Coffee, will be doing a live webinar on Salesforce TV Tuesday, July 30th at 11am PDT/2pm EDT.

Here’s Some Background as to Why You Should Attend the Live Webinar

Leveraging Apttus CPQ (100% native to the Salesforce1 Platform) helped Aesynt achieve:

  • 30% increase in Customer facing selling time
  • 45% increase in deal size
  • 100% adoption

They will discuss:

Learn how cloud computing can simplify your complex manufacturing processes and ultimately improve your sales processes and increase your revenue – what more can you ask for? Posted by Alex Mera on July 24, 2015.

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