April 5 by Patrick Wolf

Artificial Intelligence

Just recently, a computer using Google’s Deep Mind technology recently bested a human at GO (4 games to 1), an extremely popular and particularly challenging game for a computer to crack, due to the vast amount of possible moves. It was landmark achievement in the steady growth and evolution in machine learning and artificial intelligent technology.

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are not new, but certainly are reaching new heights, particularly in business software. Although quickly growing in importance and potential, it is still a very novel technology within the SaaS world.

Potential Benefits of A.I. in SaaS

The applications of machine learning technology for the sales and revenue processes are immense. Computer programs already have the ability to analyze the vast amount of data and information available to companies, however the analysis of these inputs are somewhat limited. A.I. can allow computers to take the next step by learning and continuously improving from the available information. This technology will help companies drastically increase revenue growth by leveraging information that humans cannot completely observe.

This is what makes the announcement of the Intelligent Cloud by Apttus so exciting. It is the first enterprise-level suite of applications to incorporate this technology and it will only serve to further enhance the Apttus’ current applications and maximize costumer revenue. By discovering what make the top performers successful, machine learning will help eliminate a company’s reliance on sales top performers by providing the keys to their success.

Machine Learning

But Apttus is not alone in looking at and developing such technology. As Forbes contributor, Louis Coulumbus, explains, we are entering the Era of Intelligent Cloud. “The more enterprises seek out insights to drive greater business outcomes, the more it becomes evident the era of the Intelligent Cloud has arrived. C-level execs are looking to scale beyond descriptive analytics that defines past performance patterns. What many are after is an entirely new level of insights that are prescriptive and cognitive.” In fact, Columbus estimates that by 2017, 50% of large B2B organizations will invest in predictive analytics solutions for prospect qualification, opportunity automation, forecasting automation or renewal management.

Entering the Intelligent Cloud Era

The Intelligent Cloud will draw on machine learning and artificial intelligent (Deep Learning) to give revenue producers intelligent recommendations on the most productive and desirable actions. These recommendations will encourage behavior that will be the most effective in producing positive results.

Large Computer Server

The overall goal is to guide the behavior of individuals through the sales process. Prior to the new technology, the main goal of CRM software was to improve the process of selling through automation. The automation of the sales process allowed users to mass produce results and remove irregularities. The new recommendations, that machine learning produces, will now incorporate a behavioral component. Instead of simply mass producing the process, the Intelligent Cloud will help to mass produce the behavior of individuals within a sales team.

As we all know, but may find frightening, machines can use more information in much less time than humans, producing more all-encompassing and, with the incorporation of AI, continually improving outputs. Apttus, with the announcement of Intelligent Cloud, is well place to tap into this potential. In the end, the benefits of this software in the SaaS and cloud computing world have only just arrived.

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Apttus Intelligent Cloud

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