February 17 by Neeraj Saksena

If you think configuration and CPQ solutions are only a priority in tech and manufacturing companies, you have a very small and monochromatic imagination.

Just about anything can be configured – from tennis shoes to tractors to micro processed chips – and the best way to do it is with 3D Configuration. A 3D visual configurator helps visually “build” the experience for customers by using various animation techniques in real time. It gives customers an opportunity to interact with the system independently, understand product nuances, get a closer look to what they are planning to purchase, takes them through a virtual product tour and helps increase sales.

The need for 3D visual configurator could be unique to each industry and can vary from product to product. Here is a look at four industries in which 3D visual configuration is an absolute MUST:

Home Improvement – Customers looking to design home or office interiors have always felt a need of visualizing how certain selections would look like before a purchase is made. This may include selection of colors, choosing the theme, wall textures, type of floor, furniture, etc. Being able to provide pricing details as you build or able to show your design options based on your budget serves an excellent way for engaging customers beyond 360° views.

Interior Design

Aviation – The Aviation Industry has always made best use of technology to serve customers with innovation, safety as core of its values. Able to visualize Aircraft designing has a huge potential. Commercial aircrafts are tailored to meet customer needs. Private jets can be configured with various themes, features added, layouts modified and much more. Being able to rate a configuration, able to make suggestions based on safety standards, recommending better configurations based on certain points assist in configuration process.


Automobile – Automobile industry has certainly realized the potential of giving its customers an insight to what they are looking for or planning to buy. The ability to choose the car color, accessories, lights, custom bumpers, graphic stickers, alloy wheels are most common examples around. Ability to change the theme of car interiors, seats, upholstery, etc. helps customer get a feel of what a product as a whole would look like. The power to visualize a car configured from 360° view to your customer gives an edge over competitors.

Automobile Industry

Manufacturing, Power & Automation – Ability to plan a process in manufacturing or power & automation industry is a very complex task. It consists of various nodes which perform a particular process which leads to successfully being able to manufacture an end product that meet industry standards.

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Each step of manufacturing process passes through a series of nodes which performs a specific task. The 3D visual configurator can be of great help during setting up a manufacturing plant. It can help optimize the flow of materials between nodes. But beyond this it can help validate and configure the various parameters like inflow/outflow rates between nodes. It can help customers validate the efficiency of the manufacturing process as a whole. It can serve as guidance to customers to be able to visualize the process and make adjustments which reflect pricing changes for quotations.

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