October 10 by Vijay Shah

Apttus had the extreme pleasure of taking part in the first-ever India Dreamin, held at G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Noida, India, on September 30, 2017. India Dreamin, a celebration of the Salesforce Community, was founded by Shivanath Devinarayanan (“Shiv”) and Vinay Chaturvedi, both Salesforce MVPs and leaders of multiple Salesforce Community Groups.

Why India Dreamin?

India has a large and growing population of Salesforce users, developers, and administrators. By some accounts, it is the second largest in the world, second only to the United States. Because of the cost and logistics of international travel, many people from the Indian Salesforce Community are unable to make the journey to other Salesforce events: community-led, world tours, or Dreamforce. Shiv and Vinay wanted to bring a high caliber event to a location where the Indian Salesforce Community could participate on a large scale.

The Indian Community Came Out in Force!

India Dreamin started off with long lines of patient community members checking in for the event. In the end, over 1,400 people attended, making this the largest Community-driven Salesforce event in the world! A true testament to the enthusiasm and size of the Indian Salesforce Community. Keeping with Indian tradition, the opening ceremony included prayer and then welcoming of guests.


Keynote Speakers

The event kicked off with Holly Firestone, Director of Community, Salesforce, giving a talk called: Salesforce Community Ohaha – A Force to be Reckoned With! India Dreamin also feature keynotes from Erika Kuhl, Vice President of Community, Salesforce; Peter Coffee, Vice President, Strategic Research, Salesforce; and Rajdeep Dua, Director, Developer Relations, Salesforce. In addition to the amazing keynote speakers, there was a large cast of Star Speakers with many prominent Salesforce Community names.

Sessions and Activities for Everyone

The breakout sessions took up the better part of the day. There were sessions for everyone: beginners to advanced; Admins and Developers alike. There were sessions that celebrated Women in Technology; sessions to help people grow their careers while following their passions; and sessions geared towards Nonprofits. There were sessions on Agile Scrum Methodology, Tooling API and even a session on how you integrate Amazon’s Alexa with Salesforce.

An App Demo Jam

It just wouldn’t be a Salesforce Community event without an App Demo Jam. The Demo Jam featured three minute, live app demonstrations by Apttus, makepositive and Code Robot, and when all the demos are done, the audience votes to pick a winner. The Demo Jam is truly a live demonstration of the AppExchange products the companies offer, with all the risks of nerves, WiFi hiccups, and all the other things that can go wrong in a live demo. There are no PowerPoint slides or prerecorded videos in an App Demo Jam – ever! The Demo Jam was a hard fought battle, and in the end the audience selected Apttus as the winner.


The inaugural India Dreamin was a big hit! Take a look at what Salesforce MVP David Liu said about the event, in a word, “AWESOME!!” The day after the event, some of the attendees enjoyed a tour of the Taj Mahal, a side excursion that became known #TajForce. Will there be an India Dreamin 2018? Perhaps

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