February 4 by Torab Arya

Super Bowl Sunday was filled with myriad emotions, sadness, happiness, nostalgia, hope, and fear….and then there was the actual football game. Per usual, the advertisements and half time show have become the cooler talk fodder in the office, long after the raising of the coveted Lombardi Trophy. (Dancing Sharks and wardrobe malfunctions not withstanding.)

One of the more popular commercials to go viral was that of BMW, which stars Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel. (When was the last time you heard those names together?) In the commercial, they poke fun at their former selves and the incredulity that they met the concept of the “internet,” with. It is funny. How could anyone not see the utility and functionality that the internet would eventually provide?

It’s much more convenient to criticize as a Monday morning quarterback than it is to understand what is taking place in the moment. (Just ask Russell Wilson) The question we have to ask ourselves is, “What is the next Internet?” “What is the next big thing?” “What is the next innovation that we will look back on, and wonder why we didn’t think of it?”

As far as businesses are concerned, we have found the answer. In a land before time, companies would have to invest millions of dollars and countless hours of man power in order to install and implement new software. It could take several years just to implement, and this is not including the effort it took to teach employees how to use this newfangled software. Then, Marc Benioff and Salesforce happened.

SaaS? It just looks so weird, just look at it. Ewww. Well, now
we understand that Software as a Service is not only feasible,
but a Tom_Brady_2011multi-billion dollar enterprise. How did I not think of that?!

The next rung in this evolutionary ladder is the automation of the entire Quote-to-Cash process on a single platform. No more manual data migration. No more waiting for Michael to get back from his vacation because the contract is on his laptop. No more software overhauls!

Imagine a future in a galaxy far, far away in which the quote generation, contract generation and bill generation are all streamlined and all take place on one source of truth. A place where you know when every single contract ends, exactly what every customer has purchased and where all business data is digested in a cogent and coherent manner: the future is here.


Unlike Katy Perry’s Flaming Hot Cheeto costume, automation of the Quote-to-Cash process is here to stay and soon going to become the “status quo.” According to an article by SiliconAngle, the global market for cloud equipment will reach more than $79 billion by 2018. That’s just three years away.

katy-show3-450x600That matters because once businesses fully adopt the multi-tenant data structure; they will eventually look to leverage their already existing investment. Why not? Investments are ultimately about maximum return on investments anyways, right?

The next few years will be marked by dimly lit rooms, Diet Cokes, C-Level executives, marked-up whiteboards and tough decisions. Do we buy into the Quote-to-Cash automation process? Benioff says yes, what do you say?

To learn more about Quote-to-Cash, download The Ultimate Guide to Quote-to-Cash.

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