June 7 by Eric Dreshfield

Today’s information feeds move so quickly it’s easy to miss something important. To help you stay current on the latest insights from Apttus, here’s a quick summary our blog posts from May, 2018.

Apttus Steps onto Global Stage with WEF’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Apttus has always focused on evolving the business world’s approach to generating revenue. On May 2, 2018, that took on new meaning as Apttus announced it had partnered with the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Read the full post here to learn more.

Apttus helped to Accelerate its Customers’ Growth

Apttus Accelerate was held in May, 2018. Accelerate brought together Apttus customers and partners from around the world to discuss the latest innovations in the Middle Office, Revenue Yield and Augmented Intelligence. Apttus was thrilled to have Sir Richard Branson as it guest of honor, and Apttus Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Kirk Krappe discussed how new technology is the key to business evolution. Learn more from the top 5 breakout sessions from Accelerate day 1 and day 2.

It’s 2018: Do You Know Where Your Supplier Contracts Are?

supplier contracts

Buy-side supplier contracts are commonly thought to be less important than sell-side contracts which generate revenue. Without proper attention and accuracy, buy-side contracts can be a significant source of business risk. Learn more in this post from Steve Feyer.

Selling in the Modern Digital Service Economy

Manufacturing has been a mainstay industry for years, from the early days of mass-produced vehicles, to electronics, the role of professional salesperson has evolved. Read the full post from Brion Schweers to learn more on how selling in today’s digital has evolved and why Full Spectrum Quote-to-Cash is so important.

KYC – Know Your Customer

In April Cory Haynes showed us why data is the new gold. In May, he discusses how important is is for financial services companies to know their customers. It’s not entirely what you think, either. Sure, knowing your customer helps provide superior customer service, that’s true, but in the financial services industry it also serves as a protective measure against unintended money laundering. Read the full post here to learn more.

Microsoft Build – Top Takeaways

Also from Cory Haynes, the Top 7 Takeaways from Microsoft Build – featuring AI, Blockchain, and a partnership between Microsoft and Amazon. Beyond that discussions at Build centered around updates for more engagement via your mobile phone (both iOS and Android) as well as Xbox Kinect – Yes, Kinect. That funky little motion sensor that helped transform video games is now in the cloud. Read the full post for more details.

Star Wars Day – May the Fourth (With a CLOC Twist)

Jason Smith gave us a great look at the innovation that Legal Operations is undergoing in this post where he shared his views on what happened at the 3rd Annual CLOC Institute on April 22-25, in Las Vegas.Jason clearly showed us that within legal ops the prevailing attitude is clearly: Do. Or do not. There is no try. And those that do, will be headed into a future that is brighter than ever.

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