July 10 by Eric Dreshfield

Today’s information feeds move so quickly it’s easy to miss something important. To help you stay current on the latest insights from Apttus, here’s a quick summary our blog posts from June, 2018.

How Contract Management Systems Impact Risk

What’s the purpose of a contract? Is it to outline the rights and obligations of the contracting parties? Or does it outline the relationship between the contracting parties with a a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo? Yes – it’s both. Learn more in this post.

What Makes Smart Contracts Smart?

In this post, Eric Dreshfield explains how Blockchain is the technology behind Smart Contracts, and through an example, how it works on a simple contract. But B2B transactions aren’t simple. read the full post to learn how Blockchain helps with that too!


What Do You Know About Buyer Personas?

There’s a common misconception that buyer personas only exist for marketing purposes. In this postZoominfo‘s Krysta Williams explores Buyer Personas and give us 4 reasons why they aren’t just good for marketers.

Procurement in the Spotlight

In the post Transforming to Value-Added Procurement Using a Middle Office Platform™, Steve Feyer explained the top 3 benefits companies will gain from the Procurement function being deeply rooted in the Middle Office. Steve also shares six forward-looking ideas from his visit to ProcureConIT Sourcing held recently in Denver, CO. In another post about Procurement, Steve discusses how Blockchain may be the key to a bright future, identifying 6 key benefits.

Digital Commerce becoming a critical component of business strategy

In Lin Shearer‘s post, Digital Commerce is Now a Critical Path to a Digital Business Strategy, he explains why digital commerce is now critical to driving digital transformation in businesses and shares insights from thew latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.

Driving Commercial Excellence

In another post, Lin shares the challenges faced by today’s Manufacturing CFOs and several ways to help overcome those challenges. Lin explains how finance leaders can digitalize each stage in the revenue process to maximize revenue yield and drive down costs.

Are you Selling on a Subscription Model?

Are you aware of the benefits Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring to businesses operating in today’s modern digital service economy? The service economy is growing daily, as more and more businesses offer product and services on a subscription bases. Gene Eun discusses four ways AI can help subscription business thrive in this post.

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