May 15 by Jason Smith

As of this week, I’ve officially been part of the Apttus team for one year… and what an amazing ride it’s already been. After more than a decade of being a legal technology consultant, going in-house has renewed my passion for industry disruption, market leadership and has made me wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. Of course, part of what makes this venture so exciting is having the experience in hand as I embark on this journey. It’s that experience that shines a spotlight of perspective on my role as CLM Market Manager and Legal/Legal Technology Subject Matter Expert at Apttus.

I learned early in my legal career how much technology was going change the way lawyers worked. And what I see in Apttus is a company that’s built on the idea that enterprise technology solutions don’t have to be overly complicated to actually address complex business problems. I’ve spent a decade as a “vendor-neutral” consultant, helping corporations and their legal departments navigate the often-muddy waters of contract management software vendor selection and implementation. One story in particular stands out.

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I was helping a company implement a different contract management software vendor. Despite our best efforts and almost 3 years of trying, the company just couldn’t get the system to perform like it had done during the sales demos. A completely failed project. It wasn’t long before they made the leap to Apttus, and it was entirely different story. We were all pleasantly swept away by how successful and expedient the Apttus implementation had been. The project lead, during a panel discussion at last year’s Accelerate summed it all up in three words: “Apttus actually works”. The audience laughed, but there was a sense of understanding among them as well, as if to say, “We totally understand!”

Be sure to select the right Contract Management Software vendor

You see, inherent in those words was a sense, not just that Apttus has developed a solution that works as advertised, but they enable clients to focus on the real challenges of new software initiatives: the people and processes. And when you can focus on those without spending endless cycles trying to “fix” the technology or develop workarounds to system limitations, you end up with better user adoption and processes that can truly align to the business objectives.
Contract management software can be an advantage

I quickly realized that the typical gap between sales promises and services delivery was greatly reduced on Apttus projects. Gone were the long, drawn out implementations with frustrated staff and daily battles with I.T. trying to figure out workarounds to technical limitations. No, Apttus was easy to implement. Keep in mind, I had ZERO Salesforce experience and I’m a lawyer… and Apttus was easy for ME to implement. Of course, my experience had shown that NOTHING was ever easy to implement. There were always limitations, shortcomings, workarounds and gotchas. But not with Apttus. What you see is what you get.

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