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The following is a guest post by Jennifer Brandenburg from LiveHive.

I’ve been involved in global deals throughout my career. While not a new concept, remotely managing a global deal, from conception to close, certainly has its challenges. With the use of advanced engagement analytics, my team at LiveHive recently overcame those challenges – closing a global deal entirely through email and calling.

Our prospect was a global organization. Its sales team and management were spread out geographically. The key decision maker – new to his company – was based in New York, while the CEO and CFO were in London.

Analytics were critical in helping us overcome the three main challenges that we had with the opportunity:

• Building a relationship with a remote prospect
• Working with stakeholders on different continents
• Getting a junior LiveHive SDR team trained on a new sales process

Building a relationship with a remote prospect

In the “Age of the Customer,” the value that we, as sales professionals, bring to customers is greater understanding. When you’re selling to a remote customer, how can you build that trust and gain the insights that you need to become a trusted partner?

Since we weren’t in the same location as our prospect, we knew we needed to use technology to get greater understanding about them. By using our own platform’s engagement analytics, we could see how each contact was engaging with our emails and content. By monitoring how and when they engaged, we got clues into their interests – and the urgency of their need. Those insights were tremendously helpful in our sales outreach.

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Working with users and stakeholders on different continents

Our key decision maker was in New York, but the CFO was in London. We needed to ‘sell’ the CFO on the deal just as much as the stakeholder in New York. Plus, there were users on different continents.

The ability to see the sales activities – and the activity levels – for every single rep, no matter where they were based, was key in selling to this customer. By giving the customer a complete trial, we were able to let all of the stakeholders use the product, so they could see for themselves how analytics worked to give them insights into team behaviors. With the cloud-based analytics, it didn’t matter where a user was located. The leader in the one location could monitor the reps’ productivity in multiple locations through the use of analytics.

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Getting a junior SDR team trained on a new sales process

All of this happened while were in the process of building a new SDR team and defining a new sales process. With growing customer demand, it was a busy and chaotic time.

We knew that we had to use automation to speed the process, but we knew that only a combination of automation and analytics would help us determine what process worked best. We used LiveHive SmartPath to build a multi-touch automated email and call sequence. With analytics, we could see which subjects and content were getting the highest response rates. This, in turn, allowed us to repeat the process for other reps. We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel each time, so we could onboard reps more quickly with proven sales processes.

When I think about how much the sales industry has changed in the past 10 years, it’s mind-boggling. However, in terms of how systematic analytics will impact the sales industry, I think we’re at the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re planning to be at Apttus Accelerate 2016 next week, I hope that you’ll join the session “Sales Tips and Tricks from the Trenches.” Panelists, myself included, will be sharing insights based on our own sales experiences. For more information about the latest sales insights and trends, please follow @LiveHive.

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