October 10 by Neema Jyothiprakash

Company leaders everywhere understand the need to foster a company culture; we need a shared understanding of what we are working towards, how we’ll get there, and how we’ll treat each other in the process. But that goes beyond encouraging collaboration, mentorship and transparency during work hours.

Creating a culture where people will thrive means you provide ways for people to have a larger purpose to their work, to challenge themselves professionally and personally, to see the rewards of overcoming adversity, and simply, to have fun.

Salesforce has led by example for many Silicon Valley companies with its 1/1/1 strategy, encouraging other companies to leverage their resources, technology and people to improve the communities they work in. In fact, they have made philanthropy a huge feature of this year’s Dreamforce agenda – four days of giving back.

Philanthropy means more than good PR

Give-BackStudy after study shows that corporate social initiatives create happier, prouder, and more loyal employees. Why? Because we’re more connected to each other when we volunteer, more connected to the communities and places around us, and thus more invested.

Company culture isn’t the only thing at stake though. The world we live in has the undeniable reality of social, political and economic inequality. Especially here in the Bay Area, the tech boom also has a powerful influence on those problems, whether it’s rising housing costs, a strengthening digital divide or lack of access to high-quality education.

Silicon Valley is a hub of innovation, creative thinking and out-of-this-world problem solving. The Valley has become this force partly because it’s been able to take advantage of the Bay Area’s resources, the infrastructure, the schools, the hospitals, etc. It only make sense then, to leverage the power of Silicon Valley for social good.

What the experience will mean to your employees:

Million-MealsI’m incredibly grateful that Apttus is supporting a company-wide volunteer effort. It’s a great feeling to know the company you work for supports employees giving back to the community.” -Matt Cahill, Director, Apttus University

“It’s great to have some fun and nice memories with people we share most part of our days.” -Clara Tiphaine, Financial Analyst, Apttus

“It is great to put a face to the cause. Working with and getting to know the other people at the Samaritan House really made me think about how much more volunteering I need to do.” -Kent Venook, Manager of Business Development, Apttus


Ways to Give Back at Dreamforce:


  • The Concert for the Kids, featuring Bruno Mars – proceeds will benefit the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.
  • Stop Hunger Now – #DFGive Million Meals Food Drive
  • Talk Read Sign – Support early childhood development and assemble education materials for local children
  • Redeem Apttus coins at booth #N1508 to make complimentary donations to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital
  • Take the 1/1/1 Pledge – commit hours to pro bono service to support nonprofits in need

For other ways philanthropy opportunities at Dreamforce, visit the Giving Back tab on the Dreamforce website.

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