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The following is a recap of the live broadcast provided by Salesforce entitled The Road to Dreamforce. The broadcast focuses on a different topic of discussion every week and for the live episode on August 25, The Road to Dreamforce gave us more information on how Dreamforce is giving back to the community and ways attendees can participate. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 11:00am to catch a new live broadcast every week to help you prepare for Dreamforce.

Salesforce is more than just a technology company – it’s a technology company that prides itself on giving back to the community.

The Salesforce Foundation is infamous for its integrated philanthropic 1-1-1 model where they dedicate 1% of product, equity, and time back to various communities and foundations around the globe. With over 4,200 hours of volunteered disaster relief efforts by Salesforce employees, a perfect example is The Red Cross who were pioneers of utilizing the power of a CRM platform. The Red Cross used content from numerous social feeds and put it into command platform in order to inform authorities and officials what specific areas need special attention and where resources should be allocated. In addition, they leverage Salesforce for donor management and volunteer management.

The philosophy of giving back doesn’t stop at Dreamforce, and will be highlighted in a variety of ways.

What to Expect from Dreamforce

dreamforce - apttus loungeDreamforce is the largest non-profit user conference in the world with more than 8,000 customers expected to attend. Attendees in the non-profit space will gain valuable content that consists of best practices for the Salesforce platform and plenty of opportunities for knowledge sharing. There will tons and tons of hands-on training that are all interactive to guarantee a successful learning experience. Individuals will be able to collaborate with similar people in their field and help one another with tips and advice to better use their Salesforce investment for the non-profit space. With
the amount of networking opportunities available, it’s been very common for members to form user groups post Dreamforce.

The main area for Salesforce Foundation customers will be at the Marriot Marque, wheres a dedicated Foundation Zone will host non-profit groups and customers with live demos and theatre sessions. Featured keynote speakers include the Sierra Club, Cornell University, Arizona State, and more. There will also be a genius bar that attendees can access to get their questions answered, and get advice.

How You Can Give Back at Dreamforce

Dreamforce will provide numerous ways to get involved and give back to the community. Each day will have a different focus over the course of the week. The following are the main focuses for each day during Dreamforce:

Tuesday, September 15: Veterans
Attendees will have the chance to pack tote bags for homeless veterans and take the time to provide them with a nice tote bag containing multiple, free goodies.

dreamforce - child education

Wednesday, September 16: Education
To highlight a focus on education, over 2,000 bags and kits will be assembled to help support early childhood education. There will also be a schoolhouse being built out on the plaza, so you’d be able to take a few moments to give a lending hand.

Thursday, September 17: Health & Women in Tech
Partners will focus on bridging the diversity gap with various activities and health will be highlighted in a big way with murals that will be created and moved to
the Oakland Hospital. Not to mention, the Foo Fighters concert will be held that night.

Friday, September 18: Environmental Daykid readingbooksAttendees can become a Green Angel via the Agenda Builder. Green Angels are environmental evangelists that will help educate and guide attendees to capitalize on sustainable opportunities around the Dreamforce campus.

A major goal for Dreamforce this year is to be able to raise 1 million books for children in order to donate them around the world. This is another way for attendees
to give back to Dreamforce by brining books to the event or sending them online.

Sustainability at Dreamforce

With Dreamforce being held in San Francisco and California going through a drought, Salesforce has made a conscious effort to start a new goal for Dreamforce this year: Save 5 million gallons of water by minimizing water-intense products and use. With that massive goal in mind, here are 4 tips to be green at Dreamforce:

1. Use public transportation – Public transportation is available everywhere in the city of San Francisco, so go green by taking bart, the muni system, pedi cabs, shuttles, or the good, old fashioned way to get around… walking.


2. Recycle and Compost – Recycle the right materials and make sure your trash ends up in the right place. Green Angels will be everywhere to lead you in the right direction.

3. Save Water – Reusable water bottles will be handed out during the conference, so save half a gallon of water by refilling your water bottle throughout the week!

4. Say No to Hotel Laundry – Laundry at hotels use a ton of energy and water, up to 10 gallons of water to be exact. So avoid the temptation of having your hotel do laundry and think green.

The Gala – The Ultimate Way Dreamforce is Giving Back to the Community

dreamforce - bruno marsThe biggest way Dreamforce is giving back to the community will be the conjunction of the Gala and the Foo Fighters concert. With 32.1 million dollars raised for hospitals from previous Dreamforce concerts, the gal for this year is to raise 10 million dollars. The focal point of the Gala and concert is to raise awareness for children’s health.

Can’t Make it to Dreamforce? Don’t Worry.

If your organization cannot make it to Dreamforce, no need to fret. There are multiple ways to interact with Dreamforce even if you are not at the conference:
1) Salesforce Live – There will be ton of breakout sessions that can be watched online
2) Join the Online Community – Join the largest one of its kind at
3) Check the Social Media Feeds – Be sure to check-in on the various social channels to receive live updates and news.


Dreamforce is right around the corner and will be on September 15-18 in San Francisco, California. With Dreamforce being the largest tech conference in the world, there are a ton of surprises and news to keep up with – if you’re new, the entire Dreamforce experience may be overwhelming. Watch this ondemand webinar to receive tips, tricks, and secrets to make the most out of your Dreamforce experience.


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