December 12 by Alaysia Brown

Holiday sales gift

Thoughtful gift giving is the vehicle for strengthening relationships with prospects and existing clientele. Personal sales gifts can help humanize a company and show clients how much they are appreciated. In addition, sales gifts are an effective way to highlight the significance of the relationship, beyond the routine financial transactions occurring between consumers and the business. Specifically during the holiday season, however, prospects are inundated with cookie cutter gifts. This can cause many a gift to go unnoticed and pushed aside. If you really what your gifts to resonate, leverage some of the creative sales gift ideas below to really show your prospect that you care.

Sales Gift Ideas

1. Gifts for the Family: Giving gifts intended for your prospect’s family members is effective at showing thoughtfulness and appreciation. You may also consider giving pet-friendly gifts to clients who cherish their furrier family members as well. Gift cards for Amazon and other niche retailers are great when you know a prospect has a family, but are unsure of what exactly they may want.

2. Gifting for a Meeting: When scheduling a meeting with a client proves to be a challenge, consider giving them a personalized gift accompanied by a handwritten note. The gift may relate to the nature of the meeting or anything specific you already know about the prospect. Aside from fancy office supplies, other appealing gifts include wine glasses, a coffee mug, a laptop case or a gift basket.

3. Surprise Clients with Gifts: Giving gifts to prospects is all about differentiating yourself from the crowd, so the timing is crucial. Avoid getting overlooked amid the abundance of gifts being sent about between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Designate your gift giving for the spring or summer seasons when they will be more unexpected and less diluted by others’ gifts.

4. An Invitation as a Gift: Inviting clients to end-of-the-year industry events or holiday celebrations can be a great gift that gives you the chance to get better acquainted with the client and soft-sell your business. Spending time with clients outside of work at related events can help with networking or making them feel more appreciated. This is also an opportune time to unveil new products or services to the prospect.

Sales Gifts for you Pet

5. Gifting Wine and Edibles: Sending edible arrangements, comprised of treats like gourmet chocolates, candies and fruit-based sweets accompanied by a personalized note, can also help build a more personal relationship with clients. The size of any arrangements sent should be determined by the number of people working at the prospect’s office. You can also consider providing your prospects with personalized wine, whisky or scotch bottles that feature their company name and insignia on the label.

6. Gifting Subscriptions: Gifting prospects with subscriptions to products and services they love is a very effective way to expand your customer base and improve retention. You can think of this as an alternative strategy to providing trial subscriptions for things like craft supplies, clothes, gourmet snacks, or food ingredients. Investing in email tracking campaigns will help you determine how gifting subscriptions will appeal to different prospects.

Donation as a sales gift

7. Upgrades as Gifts: For existing clientele, consider upgrading or adding to the service they are already using. One of the best ways to show existing customers or potential prospects they are appreciated is by offering them more value than what’s currently available. Promotional upgrades can be very effective for expanding the existing customer base.

8. Gifting Donations: Gifting to the same charities that your prospects’ support can instill the confidence that you both share similar core values. At the least, it shows your willingness to support what matters to your potential clients. The generosity displayed when gifting to donations can be fundamental in building trust and goodwill with a new prospect.

9. Exceed Expectations with Extravagant Gifts: When gifting far exceeds prospects’ expectations, you’re bound to make a lasting impression. Much like gifting for a meeting or introduction, an extravagant or overly generous gesture can be disarming and very effective at resonating with potential customers. When an important client needs attire for the evening’s event, using the company card to purchase an assortment of clothes, so they can pick and choose their outfit, is an investment worth making.

10. Art and Tech for the Home or Office: Wine bottles with beautiful designed labels can also be given to sales prospects as a thoughtful art-piece for the desk or fireplace. Innovative gifts like the Da Vinci 3D pen can impress prospects and compel them to associate you with on of their favorite or most frequently used gifts. Luxurious or innovative gifts may help further legitimize your business in the eyes of some prospects.

Authored by Alaysia Brown of Salesloft

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