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Fireside Chat with Erica Kuhl

The Salesforce Success Community today is celebrating a remarkable milestone in its existence, Two Million Users and Counting! It’s an ecosystem which many of us can get answers, ideas, or have our voice heard. It’s an ecosystem of admins, developers, MVPs and newbies. It’s an innovation hub for future Salesforce releases, a place to develop relationships with peers from across the globe, it’s truly a garden to grow in. And it’s something we often take for granted, the magnitude of the Success Community that has helped propel Salesforce as a platform forward as well as many of our careers.

Our very own Salesforce MVP, and beneficiary of the amazing Salesforce Success Community, Eric Dreshfield had the opportunity to sit down with Erica Kuhl, the founder and visionary of both the community and MVP Program. She discussed the history the community, the incredible journey of growth, and what it means to have reached 2 million users.


How Did the Success Community Get Its Start?
The Salesforce Success Community was first started in 2006, as nothing more than a webpage that was used to hold documentation, presentations, etc. Erica was teaching for Salesforce.com then, and almost immediately saw a need for people to have a place to connect with each other and asked if she could take over success.salesforce.com to build it into a networking site. She was given the site, but no resources to help her build it. Most of her management team viewed this as her “pet project” as it wasn’t her part of her normal daily responsibilities. Erica quickly discovered that she wasn’t a web programmer, and that things would need to change.

Erica Kuhl, Founder of Salesforce Success Community
Salesforce Success Community and Salesforce MVPs

The House that Erica Built
In its early days, what became known as the Success Community went through a lot of changes in design, as well as the platform is sat on. It included things like Open CMS, Lithium, the Idea Exchange, a content management platform, and finally in 2010 was relaunched using sites.com technology. But it was still not much more than a place where people could go teach for documentation or post and comment on ideas for enhancements to Salesforce. It was also very difficult to maintain and manage.

That’s One Small Step for Salesforce, One Giant Leap for Communities
When Erica was asked, “Did you ever imagine that the Success Community would see 2 million members?” She replied by stating: “No! Not even close!” Erica continued to explain that the huge growth of the Success Community really started in 2013 when Erica and the responsibility for the community was moved from Marketing to the Product team. This occurred when the community was being relaunched using the Communities platform, a new Salesforce product. Suddenly community members had the ability to talk to each other with the introduction of Chatter. To help fuel this fire, the Dreamforce “App” was relaunched using the Communities platform at the same time. The Community exploded. Community membership went from about 400,000 in July, 2013, to 1,000,000 in January, 2014, to nearly 1.5 million in October 2014, and it crossed the 2 million mark on January 25, 2016.

Salesforce Success Community - One Small Step for Salesforce, a Giant Leap for the Ecosytem

Want to Get Engaged?
No, not down-on-one-knee engaged, I mean engaged with the Success Community. Here are 5 awesome groups to help get you started:

  1. Release Readiness & Feature Adoption Group: Your one-stop-shop for all things new feature and release.
  2. Success – Getting Started Group: New to Salesforce or need a “back-to-basics” refresher? This is the place!
  3. Trailhead Group: Got questions on Trailhead? Want to stay up-to-date on new badges? Join this group.
  4. Your Local User Group: With over 230 user groups around the world, there’s likely one near you!
  5. Apttus influencer Group: This is your place to discuss all things Salesforce1, Quote-to-Cash and X-Author.

To recognize the Salesforce Success Community team on their great achievement, we got a few folks together to say congratulations:

Salesforce Success Community #Success2M



Looking for more opportunities to learn, network and advance your career? Click the banner to register.

Apttus Community Quote-to-Cash

Posted by Eric Dreshfield on February 22, 2016.

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