September 13 by Elad Cohen

artificial intelligence

Mankind has created some impressive technologies: hardware – PCs; laptops; tablets; augmented reality gear; software; Internet of Things devices; sensors; etc. Historically, we are not always good at making things usable.

To get the most benefit out of our greatest hardware and software products we all had to learn how to use them. Whether we liked it or not, we had to become technological experts, but most of us don’t have the desire or the time to become experts. You learn how to use one platform and a year later a new one comes along rendering most of your recently acquired knowledge and skills virtually worthless. Even if this doesn’t happen quite to this degree, not many people will become experts like yourself and probably won’t use the system as often as you will. So, the system will be mostly underutilized and there is no point in learning it.

The Dream

We can all agree that there is an inherent problem in our technology. Learning how to use it and driving up engagement are huge, complex challenges that deter potential users. That’s why you see companies purchase an impressive number of CRM licenses but they just sit there and accumulate dust because of low adoption.

Consider this: what if your CRM became so intuitive, that it just learned how you wish to use it and would mold itself to your needs? Sounds like a dream right?

It sounds like a dream because we are aware of the limitations of those systems. We know that the screens are limited to certain design paradigms. Sure – we can build custom pages that will be perfect for our needs but then if we want to upgrade or integrate with other products we will be bound by our customizations. So you invest in IT to automate business processes, but because of these issues you circle back to square one, minus the time and money you spent on your CRM licenses and training.

The Shift

So what can you do? There is a solution. New bot frameworks, with a conversational user interface, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to bring a paradigm shift. How? By engaging users via a whole new conversational user interface (UI) and building tailored flows that are easily accessible to anyone. To everyone!

Here the two main areas of improvement when using AI powered conversational bots:

  1. User Interface (UI) – instead of building custom pages, we build a conversational flow. Instead of logging in to your CRM to access pages and objects, the new UI is accessible on your mobile device. A bot will be added to your Skype/Slack/Messenger contacts, for example.
  2. Adaptability– Instead of learning how to use the CRM, the AI piece that comes along with the conversational bot will learn how you use the system (from you and other users) and will adapt itself to meet our needs.

The End Result

The conversation will help you complete business processes without even logging in to your CRM! This is huge. Just think how much money you spend on licenses and how much time and money is spent on training and onboarding. Not to mention the efforts placed on practically begging co-workers to use it. Of course, the answer to all of these questions is a lot of time and money. And when people don’t use these systems as instructed we end up without the complete data and as a result, our forecasting ability dramatically declines. However, we are all used to having conversations via text, email, WhatsApp, etc., and we do it repeatedly many times every day, so why not chat with your personal bot to complete business processes as well?

For instance, Apttus introduced Max: a B2B AI personal assistant that can create an account & opportunity in your CRM, create an agreement, take a note, create a quote, update fields in your CRM objects or basically run any process that your CRM enables. These are just some examples but Max enables endless flexibility in defining use cases and flows.

When you think about it, why should we wait to log in to our CRM only when we get back home at the end of the work day or week? Why not do it quick and easy while on the go and gain all the benefits of being faster and more accurate? And if you’re in IT or a C-level exec- why risk having the licenses you bought lying around accumulating dust when you can make an investment in a tool like Max that will drive adoption and engagement through the roof? Food for thought.

Have you seen Max in action? Click here to view a demo today!


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