October 6 by Doug Louie


The Impact of Apttus CPQ

As a salesperson you probably have access to a lot of tools and resources that your company gives you. You may have the latest smartphone, ultra-thin laptop and a crack team of BDRs (business development reps) that funnel the ultimate “Glengarry” leads to you. But do you feel empowered? As you constantly run the hamster wheel of sales, you are probably thinking: “Me, empowered? I think not.” The holidays are just a few short months away. This is a great time to drop hints to your sales manager about adding some resources to help empower you. How about Apttus CPQ? This simple, yet sophisticated tool not only helps to streamline your day-to-day processes around configuring, pricing, and quoting, it can also help you get more time for actual selling.


Apttus recently surveyed over 200 of our customers to see what kind of real returns they were achieving with Apttus CPQ. Here’s what they reported:

  • 38% Faster time to quote
  • 34% Faster deal closure
  • 30% Increase in win rate

Did any of those results spark your interest? Performance like that can certainly help you make Club this year. Bear in mind though, that this isn’t just any CPQ solution. Apttus is different. Check out the Forrester Wave for Configure Price Quote solutions. Not only will you see that Apttus is a “Leader”, it also had the highest score for “current offering”.


Empower Sales Reps with CPQ Software

So, what makes Apttus CPQ different? And more importantly, how can it empower you? Like most CPQ solutions, it can take care of the basic process automation that is necessary to replace the cumbersome, manual quoting processes that many of you may be trying to get by with. This part of CPQ is just table stakes though. If you read through the Forrester Wave report, you’ll see that Apttus CPQ does this really well.

Now, the empowerment stage. What would really help you as a salesperson? What if during the quote configuration and pricing process, you were magically provided with real-time suggestions on what to offer your customer? And what if these recommendations were based on real transactional data showing what similar customers had been purchasing during that very time? What if along with those product recommendations, you also received up-to-the-minute pricing recommendations with solid advice on discount windows based on what’s actually been closing with other customers? This is tremendously valuable information. It’s like having your own coaching staff calling in plays to you in real-time when you’re engaging with the customer.

That is precisely what Apttus CPQ provides. We leverage the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to be your “virtual coaching staff” in the background and help you get your deals closed faster, and for more money. And speaking of money, with our new incentive compensation solution we can show you exactly what your commissions will be while you build the quote. On top of our Core Middle Office Delivery, we add Applied Intelligence and Behavior so that you can be all that you can be.

Are you feeling empowered now?

Want to see Configure Price Quote (CPQ) in Action? Watch our on-demand demo now.


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