October 9 by Zack Alspaugh

Earlier this week Business Insider released its latest edition of the “The App 100: The World’s Greatest Apps.” Among them were some of the more obvious choices, like Uber and Netflix, as well as a mix of the new and intriguing.

The one undeniable link among all of these applications was convenience. They were all designed to be “intuitive and speedy in their execution,” and most importantly simplify the lives of users. The lesson to be learned: Delivering a seamless buying experience for your customers will allow you to accelerate business.

Phone-AppsAnd while these apps are consumer-facing, enterprise procurement professionals don’t exist in a vacuum. They use e-commerce applications in their personal lives, and have changing expectations for the way B2B companies should deliver products and render services.

If you rely on e-commerce to drive B2B business (which is becoming more common), perhaps it is time to take some lessons from the B2C world, which long ago figured out that high personalization, usability and most importantly, convenience, will drive higher sales and greater revenue.

Why Convenience is Important

Enhancing convenience will encourage customers to buy more. Most people want to consume, and will often do so in greater amounts if obstacles are eliminated. Think of the times you may have compulsively bought a less than necessary item at Costco, or binge-watched a TV series on Netflix.

But it’s not just about buying more. The quicker customers are connected to products they want, the faster they will buy.   E-Commerce platforms that deliver speed and convenience will help increase revenue velocity.

Below are three tips to maximize convenience and streamline transactions on your e-commerce platform:

    1. Targeted Merchandising – personalized buying experiences for each customer with constraint and rule-based capabilities that produce more relevant product searches
    2.Upsell/Cross-Sell Recommendations – Suggest other similar/related products based on what’s selected at checkout
    3. Quick Checkout – If you can eliminate the points of friction during payment you will encourage repeat purchases in the near future

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