November 14 by Zachary Jeans

Parker Harris, CTO and Co-Founder, Salesforce, opened the 2017 Salesforce Admin Keynote to much applause and gratitude from a packed Moscone West hall. He acknowledged that he missed last year due to personal reasons, but was happy to be back! Parker took us through the evolution of the partnership between the admin and the development of the platform, beginning with a pretty great old picture of a computer monitor from the late nineties.

Parker pointed out that at the beginning, the company was just Sales process automation, that sought to accomplish two things. One, create a product on the web that ended the need to visit desktop computers installing physical software. And, two, create an experience that was clicks not code. “Point. Click. Close,” as Harris said during the keynote.

Golden Trailblazer Hoodie

Salesforce gave out the first Golden Trailblazer Hoodie at Dreamforce in 2016. The Golden Trailblazer Hoodie is a highly coveted award given out to individuals who have transformed their careers and their lives using Trailhead-based training and knowledge. At Dreamforce this year, the Golden Trailblazer Hoodie was awarded to Scott Luikart, Senior Salesforce Administrator at LegalZoom, Inc. Scott spends one day a month in Houston, TX., working with Montrose Grace Place, whose mission is: “To provide a safe, welcoming environment for vulnerable homeless youth of all sexualities and genders, providing nourishment, healthy relationships, and hope for the future.” Scott indicated that 1 in 10 people identify themselves as LGBT and yet 40% of homeless youth in the U.S. today are LGBT, a very disproportionate number. Scott hopes that his efforts to help train these youths on Salesforce, using Trailhead, will help set them up for future success instead of a life on the streets. When Scott is not in Houston helping Montrose Grace Place, he is in Austin, TX, where he lives helping lead Salesforce Saturday with Salesforce MVP Stephanie Herrera. Scott is certainly deserving of the Golden Trailblazer Hoodie award.Dreamforce

Lightning Mobile App Builder

Shawna Wolverton, Senior Vice President of Platform, Salesforce, focused on giving both the admin, and the business user new ways to be productive because of the new improvements and flexibility of Lightning. From the demo given on the new Lightning Mobile app builder, any admin has the power to spin up a mobile version of their app in the time it takes to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, that is, virtually no time at all.Dreamforce

Girl Develop It

LeeAnne Rimel, Principal Evangelist, Salesforce, took the stage to close out the talk with a powerful focus on Girl Develop It. This innovative nonprofit trains adult women to code so that they can obtain employment, and have an impact all over the world. They have trained 90,000 women globally. They use Salesforce to scale and connect with their massive community, donors, and partners. Leanne focused in on Community Builder, 100% on Lightning. You can bring both standard and custom components into a Community with clicks, not code. Individual chapter leaders can now connect easily with their students.

The best came last. Bindu Jallabah, Operations Dir., Girl Develop It, absolutely nailed what makes the Salesforce Admin Community Awesome with her revelation,,”When I came here,” Bindu said, “I thought I was the only accidental admin. And then I started talking to everyone, everyone here is an accidental admin!” Dreamforce

Personally, I found my way into the Salesforce Ecosystem from driving an 18-wheeler all over the country, and I’m sure you found your way from an unlikely place or from following an unlikely path as well. May our community always welcome new members with the same grace and hospitality we received.

All images courtesy of Salesforce, Dreamforce Admin Keynote recording.

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