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The following is a recap of the live broadcast provided by Salesforce entitled The Road to Dreamforce. The broadcast focuses on a different topic of discussion every week and for the live episode on September 1, The Road to Dreamforce gave us more information on how to prepare for the conference and discussed the main campus highlights. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 11:00am to catch a new live broadcast every week to help you prepare for Dreamforce.

With the month of September officially here, you might have heard of an event called Dreamforce that will be taking over San Francisco in about 2 weeks.

To put things into perspective, when I say that Dreamforce will be taking over San Francisco, it literally means that the city will be overflowed with business professionals from around the globe. Dreamforce isn’t just located at the Moscone Center. Or the Marriot Marquis. Dreamforce is all over San Francisco and you can experience it wherever you go downtown.

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If You Had to Go to One Specific Place, Go to the…

The Product Showcase located in Moscone North
The Product Showcase is your one place to get hands-on with multiple Salesforce products and use them for yourself. Have the opportunity to engage in one on one demos with available sales engineers. The Product Showcase will also feature 6 Clouds:

Sales Cloud
dreamforce sales zoneThis is the go-to place if you’d like a demo of the new and improved Lightning that was recently announced. Explore the Sales Cloud to get a better understanding of how you can sell faster, be more efficient, and drive revenue for your company.

Service Cloud
With services being a major focus in today’s society where everything is connected, the Service Cloud is the best destination to see how you can improve your service for your customers. The Customer Engagement Center will also be in the Service Cloud where attendees can get support if they have any questions, including lost badges and more.

Marketing Clouddreamforce marketing zone
Expect Hotwheels, games, and a ton of surprises at the Marketing Cloud. Rumor has it that there will be a batmobile-esque car that will provide plenty of photo opportunities. The Marketing Cloud will definitely be home to a lot fun activities and surprises.

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Community Cloud
The Community Cloud will showcase everything you need to know about using the power of the Salesforce Community. With a partnership with Papa Murphys in place, expect to see or eat a lot of pizza at this location. There will also be a very cool 360 degree photo opportunity where you’ll be able to post the photo in the Salesforce Community.

Analytics Clouddreamforce service zone
The Analytics Cloud is the main location to learn more on how your business can better utilize data and prescriptive analytics to help your company. Talk to other experts, receive one on one demos, and enter for a chance to win a selfie stick by taking a selfie of your own.

Success Services
If you’re looking for extra help and support for the Salesforce platform, the Success Services cloud is the place to be. Attend workshops and get one on one consultations to get all of your burning questions answered by the platform experts themselves.

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Of course, the Salesforce platform will be a huge part of the Product Showcase where more information regarding Lightning will be discussed, as well as new product announcements and launches.

More Areas to See at Dreamforce

Customer Success Showcase – Moscone West dreamforce partner expo
The Customer Success Showcase is revamped and will be entirely new this year. For the first time, the Customer Showcase will be integrated with the Industries Showcase. It only makes sense to highlight customers, but also include the various verticals that they’re from. The various industries to be highlighted include Health and Life Science, Financial Services, Communications & Media, Retail, Manufacturing, and more. Another new addition is the Customer Success Theatre where attendees will be able to hear customer stories in 20 different sessions.

The Expo Floors – Moscone North and West
Spend some time and do some research prior to Dreamforce to familiarize yourself with the partners that will be on the Expo floor so you know which ones you would like to spend some time with. Plan your trip accordingly – view the brand new interactive Cloud Expo map for more information on where partner booths are located.

dreamforce park

Dream Park (formerly the Dreamforce Plaza)
The Dream Park is an obvious must-see. Take a break from the sessions and training, and walk around the Dream Park to network with other attendees, grab a bite to eat, watch the broadcasts of the keynote presentations, and enjoy music from 9 bands throughout the week. The are also going to be multiple transformed Airstream Trailers around the park that will be offer coffee and more.

Other Tips & Tricks

Looking for a place to grab some food or a refreshment? Check out these possible options:

dreamforce pedicabs

How to Get Around San Francisco:
Use the shuttle buses that’re provided by Salesforce and have pick-ups around the hotels near the campus. But, the fastest way to get around is to walk as downtown San Francisco will be extremely busy, so expect tons and tons of traffic. Another option is to use pedicabs – they can take you as far as Pier 27, if you’re staying on the Dreamforce Dreamboat.


Another option is to use Uber. For new Uber users, you can use the promo dreamforce uber codescode DREAM15 for a free ride up to $30! If you’re already an Uber user, use promo code DFGIVES15 to donate $1 of your ride during Dreamforce to the One Million Book Drive.

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Things to Know if You’re Attending the Gala

This year, Dreamfest will be held at Pier 70, a very unique location just south of the ballpark home to the San Francisco Giants. Doors open at 7:00pm and there will be 3 stages with 3 live bands performing. Salesforce has already publicly announced that Gary Hart Jr. and the Foo Fighters will be performing – no word yet on who the third will be…

dreamforce shuttle hours

If you plan on attending the Gala, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Bring your DF conference badge
2. Bring your ID
3. Leave your backpack and laptop
at home (no selfie sticks!) (no coatcheck or bagcheck)
4. Bring layers – it can get cold
5. Take Dreamforce shuttles as transportation


Dreamforce is right around the corner and will be on September 15-18 in San Francisco, California. With Dreamforce being the largest tech conference in the world, there are a ton of surprises and news to keep up with – if you’re new, the entire Dreamforce experience may be overwhelming. Watch this ondemand webinar to receive tips, tricks, and secrets to make the most out of your Dreamforce experience.
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