October 15 by Zack Alspaugh

Yesterday’s Dreamforce keynote featured many exciting things – a surprise appearance from the Beach Boys, a Coca-Cola drone drop-off, a touching story from Will.i.am. But what really has the Salesforce ecosystem buzzing is the new cloud analytics platform: Wave.

KeynoteThe anticipation was very high for two reasons. First, an “accidental” Twitter-pic leak by Marc Benioff that tipped Dreamforce attendees of the big announcement. And second, Salesforce, despite being a company that excels at pretty much everything, has traditionally struggled with their analytics capabilities. That’s about to change. But Salesforce isn’t alone. A majority of enterprises struggle with the same thing.

Here is a look at why ‘analytics’ is the hot new topic all across Silicon Valley. During his keynote, Benioff identified some interesting numbers:

  • 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years
  • There’s going to be 10 times more mobile data by 2020
  • 19x more unstructured data by 2020
  • 50x more product data by 2020

Translation, companies produce A LOT of data and need an effective way to convert the information available into next step actions. Big data is old news, the world now relies on contextual data.

Cloud-AnalyticsBestselling author and sales expert David Meerman Scott lamented during his Dreamforce session late yesterday afternoon that too many companies are living in the past. They can’t effectively operate in the present.

This issue typically starts with the business intelligence systems that only have the capability of Descriptive Analytics – capturing what has already happened in the form of reports and dashboards. Often decision makers are flying blind, with little to no actionable data or insight towards next step moves. By the time they apply the collected data, conditions have already changed.

Companies need the ability to act not react. A new generation of analytics are redefining BI system capabilities in the cloud to provide intuitive, fast and scalable data, including Apttus’ own Quote-to-Cash Intelligence which is built on Saleforce1. Information will literally be available at your fingertips, allowing marketers to enhance personalization, reps to stay ahead of deals, legal to minimize risk and compliance issues and finance to accurately forecast revenue.

Just point, click and get immediate insights about their business. For more on Actionable Analytics, download the whitepaper Quote-to-Cash Intelligence & the Transformation of Business Analytics.

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