August 3 by Zack Alspaugh

While all the excitement of Dreamforce usually centers on the gala performer, Expo giveaways, and the bountiful lineup of parties, the true benefit are the sessions. It’s in the breakouts that attendees can explore the myriad of ways to extend their Salesforce investment, improve core business processes, and boost discover burgeoning cloud computing and customer success trends.

Of course, with over 1,600 sessions and 100+ hours of hands-on training, mapping out your Dreamforce itenerary can seem a little daunting. Thankfully there’s Salesforce’s Dreamforce Agenda Builder, which launched early on August 3rd. The Dreamforce Agenda Builder is a great tool to help you find the sessions that interest you most and map out your Dreamforce schedule.

Mike Gerholdt, Salesforce MVP and founder of ButtonClick Admin lamented this morning about the days before the Agenda Builder:

“I have to tell you that I have fond memories of my first Dreamforce. One in particular that stands out is sitting in my hotel room with my coworker and the Dreamforce book of sessions (yes, at one time it was a book) sprawled out on the bed trying to pick what sessions I wanted to go to.”

For a short tutorial on how to use the Agenda Builder read The Official Agenda Builder for Dreamforce 2015: Tips & Demo. For those who know what they are doing, but not what they are looking for, here is a list of some sessions we recommend.

Ready to get started? Here are some sessions we recommend:

  • Achieving Digital Transformation: The Future of Success on Salesforce
    Come see how industry leaders are embracing new business models to deliver 1-1 customer experiences through all their channels. | Add to Agenda
  • 1-Day to CPQ Success: How Agile Orgs Do Quoting on Salesforce
    CPQ deployments can be complex. But Everstring, a big-data analytics provider, deployed CPQ on Salesforce in just one day. Want the tips and tricks that made this possible? | Add to Agenda
  • Conquer Sales Complexity with CPQ & Contract Management 
    See how cutting-edge analytics and responsive digital commerce platforms, are helping businesses sell more through all channels. | Add to Agenda
  • Build Miracles with Microsoft and Salesforce
    Join us to see the Salesforce chosen solution for user productivity that allows users to work in Salesforce, right from Microsoft Excel. | Add to Agenda
  • Achieve Omni-channel Sales & Marketing Success on Salesforce
    Come see how other Manufacturing, Life Sciences and High-Tech leaders are transforming their multichannel sales and marketing strategies using Salesforce. | Add to Agenda
  • Sales Secrets of the Big Guns
    You’ll hear the inside scoop from key executives at GE, HP, PayPal, and Salesforce on how to drive top-line growth with Salesforce CRM.| Add to Agenda
  • Aesynt Fuels Efficiencies with Salesforce
    Join us to learn how to change the way your organization interacts and does business across all departments | Add to Agenda

For a full list of Apttus sessions, click here.

Dreamforce Agenda Builder


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