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Dreamforce Rumors 2016.

Well, it might still be months before Dreamforce 2016 official kicks off, but that is not going to stop the Dreamforce rumors and whispers. We have put our ears to the ground and sent out our team of crack investigators to see what people are talking about. Below of some of the largest, most exciting rumors that we have discovered. Everybody knows of the great parties and incredible keynote speakers (as well as the hours and hours of very valuable sessions), but these rumors have us excited for October.

*As a quick side note, these rumors are pure speculation and not associated with Salesforce in any way. This is our way of having fun pre-event and showing our excitement. Enjoy!

Ashton Kutcher to Speak as Keynote

The big question that everyone wants to know leading up to Dreamforce is: Who are going to be the Keynote Speakers? Well, we might have an answer for that you. Rumors are spreading that Ashton Kutcher is going to be speaking at the event this year. Everyone remembers Ashton as the lovable doofus Kelso from the hit TV show “That 70s Show.” He has since moved past his old typcast to co-found A-Grade Investments a leader in Silicon Valley technology investing. He has proven to be very savvy in building out his portfolio, investing early in companies such as Spotify, Airbnb, Foursquare, Fab, Uber, Dwolla and Path, and appearing semi-regularly on Shark Tank. Mr. Kutcher is rumored to share the stage with Peter Coffee as they discuss evolving tech trends in an exclusive fireside chat. He has given some very inspiring presentations in the past, like this one at Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards, but his Dreamforce keynote should be engrossing. I for one am looking forward to hearing him speak.

Ashton Kutcher

U2, 2 Good to Be True?

Fake Bono has been a long standing fixture of the Dreamforce campus, but circulating rumors suggest Real Bono might be joining us at Dreamforce 2016! Many thought the legendary Irish rock group was a likely candidate to headline DF15 but were disappointed when their tour revealed they’d be in Europe instead. This year, their October calendar remains unbooked, and the possibility of U2 performing the gala – fingers crossed – seems like a distinct possibility.

If Bono, the Edge and company do grace the stage in San Francisco, a city “Where the Streets DO Have a Name,” it truly will be a “Beautiful Day“! If U2 doesn’t join us, well Dreamforce 2016 will go on “With or Without You.” I will try to glean more information from my source this “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” but in terms of confirmation, “I Still Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For.” Joshua Tree…

Bunk-beds, a dreamforce rumor

Calling all Beliebers to the Gala

Justin bieber

Don’t Beleib everything you hear… While U2 is the leading rumor to headline the gala, a second name has also been thrown into the mix.

What is the best performer that Salesforce can find for 135,000+ working business professionals? None other than the one, the only, Justin Bieber! Salesforce might currently be in talks with the “chosen one’s” representatives to make everyone’s dream a reality. As we all know, every year Dreamforce brings in a globally recognizable performance. Last year was the Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars the year before that, but this year it looks like the former YouTube sensation will be on the main stage. Justin is expected to put on a great performance, playing some of his hit songs: “Sorry”, “Love Yourself” and “Boyfriend”.

Bunk-beds in the Salesforce Tower

Last year they rented a cruise ship aka the Dreamforce Dreamboat to house some of the thousands of guests that came to San Francisco. This year though, they are trying something new. It appears that this year Salesforce will be equipping the new Salesforce tower with bunkbeds. With all of that space available, what’s the use of letting it go to waste? And why Bunkbeds? Think of all the room for activities.

How much will these lovely, once in a lifetime accommodations cost. Only $100 for a bunk, $150 for both bunks. Now that’s a bargain! Just remember to bring some extra blankets and maybe a hard hat because the tower is still under construction (estimate completion date in 2018).

Bunk-beds, a dreamforce rumor

Dreamforce will Sellout

There has been a Dreamforce rumor circulating recently that this year the Dreamforce registration will sellout. Since the beginning of time itself, this hasn’t happened. Instead the event has grown like Axel Rose’s waist line. It seems that this year, however, they will finally reach their upper limit. Who knows why; maybe San Francisco has concerns about the events growing tradition of traffic bottlenecks throughout the city or maybe the event has just gotten that big!

What does this mean for everyone? There are still loads of time before the sellout could happen, just don’t be the one person caught without a pass when the window closes. Take advantage of the early bird discount today.

sign reading Sold Out, a Dreamforce rumor.

Game of Thrones Themed Admin Zone

This year, it is rumored that the people behind Dreamforce will trade in the Trailhead theme for Game of Thrones! Why you ask? Because series creator David Benioff is a long lost relative of Marc and because Game of Thrones is flat out awesome! Word is Moscone will be broken out into the the seven kingdoms of Westeros. What house will you align with: Stark of Winterfell? Lannister of Casterly Rock? Baratheon or Tyrell? Only time will tell. I’m hoping to see Dragons, White Walkers, maybe even Peter Dinklage. The giveaway will be door stoppers with Hodor’s face on them…”Hold the Door!” All I know is that, in the game of Salesforce MVPs, you Admin to Win….

The throne from Game of Thrones.

A SaaSy Suprise

Girl With the SaaSy Mascot, who will be revealed so says a Dreamforce Rumor

Just about everyone loves SaaSy. The Salesforce mascot has been delighting Salesforce users, admins, developers and Dreamforcers for years. If you are lucky enough to catch a moment with the SaaS-cot, chances are it will only be for a second as people tend to swarm looking for a chance to grab their SaaSy-selfie. How can they make this bundle of joy any better?

Well, word has reached our ears that Salesforce is planning to surprise attendees this year by secretly having a well-known celebrity dawn the costume, and then surprise unsuspecting attendees during the event at an unknown time and location. Who will the mystery celebrity be? We have yet to find out for sure, but our guess is on Bill Nye the Science Guy, Snooki, or even Marc Benioff himself. Tweet @Apttus with the hashtag #DF16Rumors to let us know who do you think it will be?

Kanye Shark Tank

Although we hoped for a Kanye West gala performance last year, we have heard from another anonymous source that this is the year he will be finally make his Dreamforce debut. No, Kanye is not actually going to be in a tank of sharks. Think Mr. Wonderful and Mark Cuban, not hammerheads. Dreamforce rumors are circulating that Yeezy himself will be running his own investor session, something very similar to the structure of ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank. This man has some serious ideas and knows a good idea when he hears one.

If this rumor becomes a reality, it will be one of the most talked about of the conference, so don’t miss you chance to witness Kanye’s business acumen in action.

Kanye West in a Shark Tank

Apex and the Limits to perform

Persons hands raised at a concert.

It is looking like THE #1 Salesforce MVP Band in All the Land might be making an appearance this year at Dreamforce. If you have never heard of Apex and the Limits, then you need to get In with the Admins. Look for them to play numerous parody songs and original compositions themed around the Salesforce Success Community we know and love. This might be their breakout performance, so go see them before they make it big.

Keep your eyes out for the Dreamcopter

The Salesforce Dreamcopter, A dreamforce rumor.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it’s the Salesforce Dreamcopter.

What is this you ask? Well sports fan get excited. If the San Francisco Giants get into the playoffs this October, word is that Salesforce will have a helicopter fly over Dreamforce and make it rain tickets for the next game in San Francisco. So keep your eyes up towards the sky and hope the Dreamcopter makes a pass over you! Dreamforce took San Francisco by land, then by sea last year, and now by air!

Beyoncé Lemonade Stand

We are hearing some whispers that Beyoncé is going to be at Dreamforce 2016 to promote her new album, Lemonade. She is going to be setting up a Lemonade Stand in the Yerba Buena Gardens where she will be giving away lemonade with every purchase of her new album. The marketing think-tank of Beyoncé/Jay-z has outdone themselves. I guess, when life gives you lemons, you make a record then sell lemonade! Right…?

Beyonce lemondade stand, a dreamforce rumor

That’s all for now folks. Check back with us as we get closer to Dreamforce for some more rumors. Be sure to join the conversation on Twitter. Let us know what you’ve heard by Tweeting @Apttus using the hashtag #DF16Rumors.

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